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Played Golf with a columnist at the NY Post today

I played golf today with a NY post columnist. He joined our group a few holes in because he was by himself and there were only 3 of us. He is a business columnist, and very well spoken. I don't read the NY post, but my dad let me know it's owned by Murdoch, probably newscorp, so I knew he had to be a conservative. We talked about what we did, how so many people are unemployed, and I figured I would make a comment about how Obama was suppossed to "save the day"

He was very reasonable and said we haven't given him enough time to make a judgment. We talked about economists, obviously I plugged Peter Schiff into the conversation, no reaction. I didn't want to speak the dreaded RP name because he was giving me some advice on my swing and sometimes RP is a quick way to make an enemy, especially with Fox affiliates (except freedomwatch).

His outlook is grim, he is upset about the funny money propping up the stock market, said he was speaking out about how everything was coming down well before it did but wasn't able to write about it very much then. Now that everything is falling apart, he has the freedom to write about whatever he wants. I am wondering if this is why we are seeing the media wake up, that they were already on board but were silenced by their bosses, peers or the public shunning of bad news.

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That last part was a gem of

That last part was a gem of info. I guess the overlords have loosened the noose on the media. Maybe it will help create chaos.

Good for you.

Sounds like they are given the go ahead to write what they want because everything is in place. They have an agenda and I wish we could stop it.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


I agree, I don't know if each employee they have is on board, but I'm sure there is a reason they are able to speak their mind now. My guess is divide and conquer. If we keep fighting eachother someone else can come in and take everything we have.

well played

woulda handled it the same way. specially if he helps me getting my damn driver to straighten out =\

Love the tees

Try moving a half an inch closer to the ball, it's uncomfortable, but it will help if you are slicing!

I wish I could tee up in the damn rough or fairway, my iron game is awful

1 more thing, blame something or someone, always blame something. a worm coming out of the ground, the sun in your eyes, that damn caddy gave you the wrong club! It doesn't help your game, but it makes you feel better.

the secret

is to get to know your individual swing and once you know what you do and you can get yourself to do it everytime, the only thing that can alter your swing is your mind... you must trust the swing, let it be free and your ball will be true. but first you must find out who you (your swing) are... this is were the whole collectivism thing comes in - we cannot all be ernie els and tiger woods... they too have different swings, thats why we hear of them going through a rough patch when they try to change their swing, if they themselves are diagnosing the change - its fine, but when they rely on other's advice they begin to distrust their swing in their hearts and cannot get it to work until they have let it become part of their natural order and fully trust it...don't let someone else tell you about you (your swing). they have no idea about you (your swing) and can only try to make it relative to (them) their swing... get to know yourself (your swing), and if you are not pleased with it, only you can fix it, once you get the diagnosis, stop thinking about it - see the shot, feel the shot, trust the shot...
golf is the ultimate sport of the individual... you never have anyone but yourself to blame (except when people are slowing you down / not letting you play through/ hollering/ not yelling fore/ trying to tap it in the hole while your lining the put and in doing so rushing you/ practice swinging and in doing so rushing you trying to give you advice which makes you doubt your swing...etc )
Individualism and collectivism in golf... and I just posted that on the DP...nice (most people i play along with don't seem to make it a point to play very long)
-Peace and Liberty
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