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Bob Novak likes the idea of President Paul

This story on Bob Novak comes from the Washington Times. It says, in part:

Novak offered his own personal endorsement of Texas congressman Ron Paul. "He's a very engaging person... I'd like to see him as president," Novak said. "Can you imagine him at the United Nations?"


Read the whole article here.

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Bob Novak scares me

I wish Novak wouldn't talk too much about Ron Paul.

If there are any fence sitters or Democrats looking to cross over and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries, an endorsement by Novak or someone like him would be the kiss of death.

It would be like Sean Hannity endorsing him (I know that won't happen, but it would have a similar effect.)

More aptly, perhaps, it would be as if Mike Savage Weiner endorsed him.

Novak is that evil, or at least he is perceived to be that evil by all but the most partisan Republicans, so I'm not thrilled about a Novak endorsement.

What's odd about Novak to me

What's odd about Novak to me is that he just published this:

which seems remarkably similar to what conservatives complained about WRT the NYT and disclosing the monitoring "Swift" transactions. The irony for me, as an old cypherpunk, is that Federal monitoring of Swift was old news from '93 or '94, at least for privacy-geeks like me. And cypherpunks was/is a public email list, with a high likelihood of various nations' intelligence agencies watching/reading .

This Novak column, however, looks as if it might endanger US troops, yet it was printed anyway, and there's no apparent call for an investigation or anything unless I'm missing something. It's quite odd, even if this leak is "deliberate," that nobody's objecting to what looks to me a lot like a serious leak regarding an upcoming military operation. (This is independent of the wisdom of the operation.)