CNN Calls Republicans’ Bluff, Reschedules YouTube Debate

Read about it at Think Progress

It is still unclear whether the other candidates will actually participate in the rescheduled debate. Dr. Paul, of course, has confirmed his participation.

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Well Duh.

Lest we forget, CNN (and the other networks) are the lapdogs of the administration; they do what they are told. Period. The administration likes Giuliani, McCain, Hillary, Obama, and others, because they are committed to war and maintaining the Status Quo.

Giuliani is running a bit scared these days: ducking out of the debate and the Iowa straw poll? Maybe Romney also, though he has the millions to be in every state with a big organization.

Dr. Paul scares everybody who puts forth a war-mongering mentality. Oh, and now Obama wants to invade Pakistan?

It will be very interesting to see Dr. Paul with his adversaries on the debate this Sunday (August 4th) on ABC with George "That's-not-gonna-happen" Stephanopolous. That is, if Giuliani and Romney aren't too busy to show up.

Globalist Cabdidates

Guiliani, H. Cinton , Obama (and almost ALL the presidential candidates) are globalists and anti-Constiutionalists, pro-internatitonal traders :

GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, WHO. The implication is that when all world governments "harmonize" laws through trade agreements, economies and anti-
terrorist laws-
NO ONE will have a Constitution. This means no countries will have sovereignty as a country or as individuals. This is also happening in Britan.

Dr. Congressman Ron Paul is shining the light of The Constitution, Bill
of Rights and our Unalienable Rights- as the Founding Fathers did
during a time of politcal tyranny.

It is a VERY Bright Light. It is the light of Freedom and Sovereignty. No wonder the globalists are scattering.
Did Guiliani finish the reading list Congressman Paul gave him?

A Better Way to Call a Bluff

Technically, I guess you could say CNN is calling the bluff of the GOP candidates by working with the campaigns to find a date that works. But a better way to call their bluff would be to simply go ahead with the debate, regardless of who shows up.

Perhaps the bravest moment in President debate history was when the League of Women Voters went ahead with a debate between Ronald Reagan and John Anderson after sitting President Jimmy Carter refused to attend, hoping it would cause the LWV to back down and cancel the debate.

That's what's happening here. Giuliani et al are trying to get this debate canceled. So the best way to call their bluff would be to simply air it as scheduled. Because let's face it, if a Presidential candidate says he can't work his schedule around a major attention-getter like a televised debate, then he's lying. These guys are more than happy to skip major votes in their respective governing bodies, skip out on speeches or appearances, and basically skip anything if something better comes along.

Let the CNN debate be televised with full fanfare regardless of who shows up, instead of letting the Giuliani and Romney campaigns run the primary.


and how about cutting to their empty chairs or podiums once in a while!

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