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Cospiracy vs. Science....

How goes it, everyone? Just wanted to let everyone know that on NatGeo, there will be a show about 911 conspiracy claims vs. scientific experimentation of the claims. It is supposed to be alot better than the History Channel version (which seemed to have a bias) and is expected to be much more neutral. I think it would be great for all of us to open our minds and watch it (no, I have not seen it yet and dont have any prejudgements about it). I am mentioning this because in months past, we have had such lively debates on this subject and I am hoping this show can put to bed some of our guesses or at least make new questions. Thats all... Hope we can talk afterwards...

PS I believe its at 9pm Pacific time, but check to make sure just in case. I have mine being recorded on DVR, so I am not worried.

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Don't spend too much time with this issue.

Conspiracy theories are good exercises for the mind. But other than that, even if it were proven that 9-11 was an inside job, it would cost taxpayers millions of dollars in lawyer fees, investigative fees and in the end what difference would it make? No one of importance would go to prison, except perhaps some low level operative; and in the mean time our attention and energy will have been successfully diverted. We are working on Auditing the Fed. Perhaps with enough effort we can End the Fed and with even more effort we can return to real honest money.