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"Real Clear" Politics article

I am angry at a recent article on the Real Clear Politics website about Dr. Paul written by Mark Davis. Far from being "real clear", this guy is regurgitating some of the same lies and slander brought up in the beginning of the campaign, saying that Dr. Paul's supporters have "brains [that] are simply too full of nutty things for them to be taken seriously in any grand sense" and that Dr. Paul's stance on the war on terror "rises to the level of sheer moral idiocy", implying in several other statements that Dr. Paul blames 9/11 on America.

Mr. Davis apparently has only the most shallow understanding of the issues that make Ron Paul so attractive to us "nutty brain" types. His implications that we have nothing to worry about from the FED - a small group of men who control the most powerful fiat currency on earth - demonstrates his naiveté. Combine that with his implication that the gold standard is an artifact of a less enlightened time and Mr. Davis places himself squarely in the heard with the other sheeple, cheerfully marching over the cliff of debt into the abyss of financial ruin. He apparently has no understanding of Austrian Free Market Economics, real money or the consequences of government and private meddling with the economy over the long term.

As to the war on terror, Dr. Paul's example of "What would we say here if China was doing this [building military bases] in our country?" definitely touched a nerve with me - it is a principle based observation which can only be refuted through ridicule, as Mr. Davis attempts to do. Mr. Davis apparently believes that spending trillions of dollars to continue an endless war against terrorism in some other country, while allowing our borders to be grossly violated on a daily basis is masterful strategy. Even the worst strategist (myself) would be able to take advantage of our porous borders - a result of our troops being stationed nearly everywhere on Earth except on our own damn borders!

How moronic! What idiocy! Mark Davis has, apparently, projected his own "brains . . . full of nutty things" onto us. While I would agree that not all of Ron Paul's supporters are "working on all thrusters", the statements of Mr. Davis demonstrate that not all the bag ladies are on this side of the street.

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