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My WalMart revelation

During my morning walk it occurred to me what WalMart stands for and how its influence over the last thirty plus years has affected our nation. (I grew up in the age of Walmart)

For me WalMart is the:
Common Denominated Solution of Cheap Crap : CDSOCC

I have decided to call it the CDSOCC (pronounced 'sidsock') phenomena

It has turned our nation into a throw away culture and it has permeated every aspect of our lives. I do not know however if Wal Mart started the culture or if Wal Mart is just reflecting back to us what our culture has become.

But during my lifetime I have seen almost every aspect of our society becoming CDSOCC 'like'. It has affected our auto industry, our housing and construction industry, our roads, our schools, our children, our marriages and now our government.

We live with an attitude where we buy on the cheap, knowing the crap won't last, and then we throw it away when it breaks. Our society and Wal Mart have become the CDSOCC of our time.

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Great Analysis!

And creative acronym I might add. I completely agree with you. I actua.lly just stopped into a WalMart this weekend for the 2nd time in my LIFE, to get some laundry detergent. Not only did I feel a strange sense of guilt for even being there but I was completely disgusted by all the people and the behavior I saw, even for the short time I was in there.

"Get to the choppa!"

"Get to the choppa!"


Print your card and go!

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Proudly Wal-Mart free since 1999

This poster has nailed it --- Wal-Mart, and those who like shopping there, have for years epitomized to me the short-term, blinkered, use-it-today-and-throw-it-away-tomorrow mentality of contemporary Americans in the worst possible way. The store sucks on so many levels, I loathe even driving by one! No amount of illusory "savings" will ever tempt me to enter one again.

The Wal-Mart of today is NOT

The Wal-Mart of today is NOT Capitalism, it is Fascism.

The forces driving wal-mart's power are not market forces they are forcing having to do with tax and investment law, making sure that fiat money is first pumped into stock market bubbles so that it can be spent (prior to price adjustments) on corporate expansion.

If you had the choice you would probably rather find ways to invest your money in local businesses that improve your economy locally. However you can't do this with current investment, tax, and fund raising laws. Of the few choices you have to put your savings, wal-mart has been crafted to be a safe bet.

Wal-Mart's low prices aren't just because they use Chinese slave labor to manufacture their goods, you have to also remember that all of their operating expenses and construction expenses are paid for by their investors. You buy the new building, you put the inventory in it, and the first dollar that new store generates shows up as expanded market share. It'd be a fine model if everyone was able to play. Unfortunately, small business people have to fund expansion out of cash flow by either paying cash or borrowing the needed capital (which is also almost impossible because of federal regulations, the so called "Small Business Administration Loans" which are the only loans banks will make to small businesses anymore since they are federally guaranteed).

If they go and try to raise some investment capital in their local community and compete with wal-mart, it won't happen, they'll go to jail for breaking some inane SEC rule on fund raising. You'll only be able to do it if you can directly jump in on a global scale, the game is made to keep the local guys out of business by starving them of any access to capital. It's the only way to defeat the loyalty that comes with the relationship a local business has with it's local clientele, you have to put the local guy out of business by cutting off his access to money.

copy of My Walmart revelation I emailed earlier this year

date Tue, May 19, 2009 at 3:50 PM
subject Walmart

I know that I'm not supposed to go into Walmart to support their world domination plans - and that alone should be enough to keep me out. But every so often I NEED some piece of random Chinese-slave labor made thing and must bring myself to enter through their dark gates. It is then that I fully realize how ghastly the place is not so much because of the cheap crap they have in there but more disturbingly as it appears to be a clearing house for the human refuse.

The employees are basically functionally retarded and the majority of the customers (of which I was unfortunate enough to be one today) seem to be lost...literally and figuratively. Putzing their overweight carcasses around on those scooter cart things, or actually believing that they are buying a "real" thing of value in that piece of overpriced colorful plastic they are hauling around in their cart - or they seem to be just plain medicated beyond belief.

Walmart - if it is supposed to represent "America"- is truly another example of why I'm beginning to understand how "the elite", that we are all so adamantly against, can just assume that they can walk around with their dicks hanging out and do whatever they want. I mean who's gonna stop them? The herd of "Americans" grazing in Walmart?

excuse me, I have to take a shower after being in there - YUCK! (on so many levels.)

walmart's the symptom. it's

walmart's the symptom.

it's not the disease.

we talk about diseases all the time on the dailypaul.

one of the more serious diseases is credit/debt.

when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has access to credit (even illegals), 99.9% of us use it, many abuse it ... the end result is prices soar.

then you add insurance for everything under the sun, and social programs, and retirement programs (even private sector company provided retirement programs cause people to not save)...

you add that all to the mix, and you end up with a dollar that is going to sink like a stone.

every single thing that contributes to a person's psyche that says "I don't need to save this dollar in my pocket" is to blame.

well this creates an environment where the pressure release was needed. (i.e. we couldn't afford are "good life" if goods were going to cost an arm and a leg)

and the chinese were very happy to oblige us.

we all wanted the good life, and we were all ready to borrow for it, and put the burden of our future needs on social plans, retirement plans, insurance plans, life insurance policies ...you name it. (oops can't forget to mention "the fed", they just piled on to the problem with artificially low interest rates, and pumping liquidity into the economy like there's no tomorrow)

all so that we could fuel our consumption.

parties over everyone. go home. somebody pick up fred and drop him off.

Walmart is the mythical hand of the free market smacking

us in the face.



The more shit you buy at Walmart

the more jobs we lose here in the US Buy American or lose the rest of the jobs.
Americans are doing it to them selves, IDIOTS!




Question: Who would you rather see doing healthcare,

the Feds or Walmart? The Public Option or the Walmart Option?

Well said!

Cash for Clunkers is an excellent example of our disposable society.

It's corporatism

Blame the game, not the player.

Defend Liberty!

I don't think the poster is blaming Walmart,

just pointing out an observation.

"I do not know however if Wal Mart started the culture or if Wal Mart is just reflecting back to us what our culture has become."

Its not walmart's fault that

Its not walmart's fault that the value of the dollar is so low that these products are all americans can afford. And to those bashing the workers overseas that create this stuff....what you think if you shutdown their factories they're going to be happy? "Yaaay we can all go back to back breaking rural labor and go back to starvation".

American products are too expensive because of all the nonsense laws and taxes we have. Walmart is just dealing with the hand it was dealt. Remember our true beef is with the lawmakers


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I try to avoid Wally World

But there are sometimes I must go...I have spoken with lots that work at the one here..and I always ask them..When are you ever going to start selling American made products again? The answer they give always comes down to this...'I wish we would...Im sick of them buying cheap crap, and paying cheaper wages, to stuff more profit in their pockets..
A few have even told me they wish that people would start asking management to sell American stuff again

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Wal-Mart is wrong

Capitalism is not buying cheap clothes for your kids from slave labor. That's a neo-feudalistic model -- we just can't see the slaves so we don't care.

Employees of Wal-Mart in China brush their teeth with the ashes from the fire the night before. That's how they live.

It's not just Wal-Mart, it's nearly all of corporate America.

However you justify it -- it's still wrong. People are suffering and they don't have to.

So the Chinese workers would be better off

if we quit buying from Walmart?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

What is the difference?

We brush our teeth with sodium fluoride, a toxic by-product of aluminum manufacture. So are we better off than the Chinese who use the potassium in wood ash; probably not.

I figure that the the Chinese are sending us junk because we are paying with junk money; a fair trade I think.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

this is a fun post

I like how this post stimulates thoughts about "the way things should be" in a way that really strikes home (we all need crap, the cheaper the better) but without pushing the buttons of paranoia (here come the genocidal cattle cars for the few survivors of the shadow-government-engineered swine flu plague).

What if there was a law in your state that said only legal residents of that state can own and operate merchandise stores? In other words, everything has to be locally owned and operated; mom and pop stores only.

Wouldn't that be a good thing for mom and pop?

It would be terribly inefficient, on a national scale, but it would redistribute wealth and responsibility (and a sense of purpose and ownership) to more individuals.

What are the odds today that a young person can grow up to become the owner and manager of his or her own grocery store?

Great point!

Has anyone noticed all the empty storefronts around lately? Everything is being consolidated.

Do you value liberty?

We each have countless choices to make: how much we spend, what we spend it on, how much running around shopping we want to do, quality vs. cost savings, long-range investments vs. short-term investments.

It almost sounds like some here would like to legislate against people being allowed to shop at Walmart. I think Ron Paul would agree that "liberty is the solution that works best" but maybe you're not on board with that.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Well said!!

Well said!!

I think its more like a

I think its more like a 'look at yourself' type of idea than a 'bashing on Liberty' idea

sure we have the Liberty to shop where we want, but some people could care less about the impact they are making, weather out of ignorance or willingness to comply with a necessary evil in order to save a buck

I'll pay the extra buck for the peace of mind, plus I know most of my money is staying local

Here's how we traded our

Here's how we traded our Norman Rockwell downtowns for Wal-mart style big box "shopping centers":

In 1980, well after we all had been convinced that the income tax is just natural, the tax laws were changed so that you could put away your retirement income in a tax protected fashion, these were the 401k laws. Prior to this if you were a business owner you most likely put profits in a local bank (where they could be made available for local investment), or you put your profits in your own real estate to improve it's value. This is how the Norman Rockwell downtowns were paid for, people putting their money in their own real estate because it was a good place to hold the value.

Along come the 401k laws. The small town merchant now has no incentive to put his money back into his real estate, or even into his local bank. So he puts it into a 401k as a mutual fund. That mutual fund buys stock in wal-mart, wal-mart uses that money to build a big box 20 miles from the small town merchant's shop and puts him out of business, with his own money. The guy that owned the hardware store, the coffee shop, and the restaurant all did the same thing, now they're all working for Home Depot, Starbucks, and McDonalds.

i have never thought of it that way,

it is a brilliant theory that I should look into. with the deaths of 401k's it makes me wonder where people will put their money next, oh wait, everyone is in debt, there is no wealth!

That was fun!

Thanks for the humor- much needed.

There is an old saying

"you get what you pay for" meaning if you buy poor quality it will not likely last. That is what people don't understand. Quality IS Value. If I can not afford quality at the retail stores I can usually find it at garage sales. It may not be new but if something is well made it will hold up much better and longer than something that was made of inferior materials and workmanship.
I remember years ago when Walmart handled MOSTLY American products. I think the owner would roll over in his grave if he saw what they did to his business.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Another old saying

We had a sign up where I used to work years ago that said "Quality is like buying oats, if you want nice, fresh, clean oats, you must expect to pay a fair price. However, if you can settle for oats that have been through the horse already, that comes a little cheaper."

My WalMart Revelation

WalMart is THE leader in corpratism. If you don't have much time, click on the Jewlery link and read about WalMarts sustainablity plan.. http://walmartstores.com/Sustainability/