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Bloody Human Bodies All Dripping with Blood...

Human Bodies shattered from 33,000 thousand feet from above, all Dripping with Red Blood..... Bloody Red Intestines all Twisted wrapped around Grotesque Broken white bones ripping through red torn muscles…Livers and Hearts and Heads thrown about like someone swallowed a grenade and blew himself up......THOSE ARE THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS that are missing from the NEWS and the INTERNET today.

“He who controls the news, controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future.”

Back in the days of Vietnam, it was pictures and videos like these:




Those were the photos and videos that “shocked the conscious” and drove the ANTI WAR POINT, HOME.

It was this photo that got us out of Bush I’s Somalia…


Today, all we have is this lame photo and we had to have it given to us …


How is it that the Internet is so sanitized of GORE, the GORE of WAR should be ALL OVER the INTERNET… but it is NOT there to be found?

How is it in the days of "viral videos" and Blood n Gore Horror Movies selling to our sensitive side, we cannot see the Real Gore that we do?

Do we have a problem?

YES, in more ways than one.

In peace & liberty,

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This video is the worst I have ever seen from a day ...

when Israel attacked children, civilians and Hamas soldiers. Be warned: it is probably one of the most graphic and horrific images you will ever see of the effects of war paid in part by U. S. dollars: http://muslimtv.magnify.net/video/ISRAEL-CARNAGE-CIVILIANS-C...

However, according to the Live Leak version they say it happened in 2005 at a parade. You decide: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3b3_1230864719

I think I heard/saw this in a documentary about the 60s/70s --

that after the Viet Nam war, the US government declared it would never make the "mistake" again of showing "the people" what was really happening in any war from then on. The deaths, torture, gore, etc. was to be kept whitewashed and hidden at all costs.

This is the moral issue of our time

I firmly believe that supporters of war will be the toughest obstacle for us moving forward. I see it in the way we've censored even the movement of the information. How many tea parties have you been to where one of these independents running around is calling for an end to war. I personally am waiting for that time. I've expressed my disdain for the destruction of life ever chance I get at conservative events. The focus on welfare reform often upsets me when considering the absolute void at times on warfare reform. Thank you Treg for bringing this back up. This issue will return with a vengeance soon enough. I'd rather Obama and his people focused on the injustice of wars rather than health and energy. Let's see the town halls on that if he decides to stay the course.

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I disagree

The moral issue of our time is that the people of this geopolitical designation have allowed their means of exchange to be utterly co-opted by conniving bankers and incompetent politicians, and have all their wealth slipped from under their noses! Without the fiat dollar, the government could not afford its mass killings.

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'


now liveleak

One of the first red flags

One of the first red flags that made me start questioning our reality was the fact that they weren't showing the war casualties, or even really talking about the war much as it progressed.. it was as if we weren't even really supposed to remember there was one.

Then, I started to notice censorship / obviously altered, restricted viewcounts on YouTube videos, and that's when I was like "oh crap, somethings up".

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Tangent Alert

‘Twenty Minutes With The President’
- Charlie Sheen



Here are some nasty pictures of Gore..........http://www.algore.com/
I've already seen plenty of pics to know that war is absolutely useless.


-Blehohohhaaaa-Oh......-gasp-...oh man..
WARN people before your post stuff like that. Kids could see it. You could get the site admin sued...-Sniff-Ugh...I feel sick again.....


: )


I haven't seen before. Kind of nub to it. Though a face that is trying to enslave the entire world with a tax is truly revolting.

Weep for the dead but know that they are in fact dead. To the wounded I say this. First you get your face blown off then you have this butt-hole saying you now need to be taxed because the planes used to bomb your butt put off to much carbon!

Gore and the oligarchy need to go!

nice to see you back on DP Treg

bump for Peace*))
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Sorry Treg

You call Somalia "Bush I's" which might be more or less fair, but the military action (resulting in the photo) was Clinton's all the way. I sense that Clinton was a favorite of yours. He doesn't deserve to be.

In peace.

Frank Farmer

Frank.....-- are you sure it was under Clinton?

I guess you looked it up and are right on that... these presidents all seem to just blend together now....

And NO....100% NO Bill Clinton was not a favorite of mine (although I did get a small jump for joy when he (the democrat liberal that he is) said "The era of big government is over".

My voting history, if its any help to you.... begins at the age of 18, fresh out of high school. After watching Milton Friedman's FREE TO CHOOSE PBS 10 part 1 hour series on TV.....and after having READ cover to cover the interview of Libertarian candidate for President, Ed Clark in Penthouse Magazine...I voted the Libertarian ticket.

I have always voted the Libertarian ticket, that is until I wrote in Ron Paul and finished puking my guts out over that intellectual featherweight, Boring Bob Barr.

Thanks for setting me straight over whose watch was the Somalia episode... the years must be all rushing bye...

In peace & liberty,

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Yep, I checked the dates.

As far as I know Somalia was Clinton beginning to end, but certainly the military debacle leading to the photo was initiated by Clinton.

If you get a chance, you might want to read Blackhawk Down; it gives a pretty good description of the events surrounding that particular photo and other things related to the Somalia campaign.

It was a good post, though. Keep up the good work.

Peace...eliminate the standing army; go militia.

Killing America's Kids by Fred Reed


From the article:
"Spin is so very important in war these days. While America is only barely a democracy, still, if the public, the great sleeping acquiescent ignorant beast, ever gets really upset, the war ends. The Pentagon is acutely aware of this. It remembers its disaster in Asia. The generals of today learned nothing military from Vietnam – they are fighting the same kind of war as stupidly as before – but they learned something more important: Their most dangerous enemy is the America public. You. Me. Defeating the Taliban isn’t particularly important, or even desirable. (No war means fewer promotions and fewer contracts). But while the Taliban cannot possibly defeat the Pentagon, the American public can."

I remember Vietnam

I saw those pics on the nightly news during dinner. They are burned forever in my mind.

The censorship of the "wars" we are in right now, serves the government well. Disillusioned young men and women continue to volunteer for service, having no idea how rough it will really be. Citizens are distanced from the fighting and feel no real stake in it simply because out of sight is out of mind. They are less likely to demonstrate or speak out against these "wars." No pictures lets them make up any story they'd like about what goes on over there.

I'm not sure at what point the news sold out to the government, but there are no real journalists out there anymore. They are vetted before they are embedded to make sure that they show only the governments side of the story. The real rogue journalists, those out to show the truth, are not able to sell their work to the US media. They often get published in Britain, Russia, or China instead. Our news is scrubbed clean.

You're right though, its the pics of the gore and the reality of war that drove the anti-war movement. Until our country is able to see the reality of it all again, I'm afraid that we'll just continue to send our young people overseas to be cannon fodder.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

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Thank you for your truthful post Treg.

I agree with you. Governments always control news of their wars, they have to deceive, or people wouldn't support them.


The Coalition is not a patriot's friend ..
Good people do Good deeds
and are no respecter of person

Everyone keeps blaming

Everyone keeps blaming America & Americans...Don't you people get it yet ? This is Coalition work, NWO..
this is how they will bring it about ..You are witnessing practice right in front of you. Everyday ...Your speech needs to be directed accordingly ..Don't be dupped into reenforcing the anti American rehtoric ..That is what they want...You falling into their trap..Think about it..Look at the long term..
Good people do Good deeds
and are no respecter of person

I read somewhere that the

I read somewhere that the General that shot that "spy" in the middle of the street owns a restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

Update: Actually, I was wrong. It was in Virgina but the guy died of cancer so it's gone.


Amen brother

Ive been screaming the same point since that picture of that marine came out.

Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis

Everyone's convinced that we have perfected

"surgical strikes". Everyone we kill was headed over to kill you and you, and YOU!

I don't agree about the gore of war

I believe it is the troops who have returned permantely disabled that is being neglected, in town hall meetings across America to the net, there is no support for these guys. How is showing pictures of the horror they experienced helping them?

Nothing in nearly teo years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoEZbKsi7ZU&feature=fvw

Thanks for posting the link Granger

Tomas is a friend of mine. I agree, these guys deserve a lot more. Believe in the war or not they need the best coming home, with no exceptions. Tomas is a hardcore Obama supporter, maybe soon he'll wake up. His mother supported Ron Paul in the last election and even after he won she reiterated the point that he was our only hope to seeing an end to this thing. Tomas has since laid low and his condition has taken a turn for the worse. You'd think he was in his 80's not his 20's with a devastating stroke that has left him further compromised. He depends primarily on private doctors as the family has long since given up on the VA and its "benefits". If you haven't seen Body of War please check out the film or listen to the amazing soundtrack put together by Tomas.

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Interesting, and thought provoking post Treg. Thanks. I got curious and started looking for real pictures of war. In fact, that is what I Googled - "real pictures of war." They are available.

Perhaps we should all make it a point of making these photos more visible.

They are extremely gruesome.


He's the man.

A Little Background On Your First 2 Videos...

Nguyen Ngoc Loan, 67, Dies; Executed Viet Cong Prisoner
And heres some info on Phan Thi Kim Phuc the little girl in the photo...ans how her life is today..amazing.


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If they were posted, would Americans have the decency to look?

I have noticed that people will look at a discomforting image, and rather than look at the image they will jump to the caption, and let the words explain to them what they see. It is another way to feed the narrative. Post a photo of ten dead people, in the caption say "dozens were killed." Everyone will believe they saw a photo of dozens of dead people, because they were not "comfortable" counting corpses in the photo to fact check the caption.

People are in a twist about the soldier who was filmed as he died, after having his legs blown off. It is the closest I have to closure for my family member, a real image of a real soldier in a real war bleeding his real life away. We meed to look, and look hard, at the fruits of our labor as a nation.

Thanks, treg.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.