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My reply in another thread on what else? 9/11 of course.

You're Right
On September 10th, 2009 Meistersinger says:
I should continue to point out that 9/11 was perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists using hijacked aircraft, an act of "blowback" for our aggressive policies in the middle east, just like Ron Paul says.

I should continue to point out that the truthers put forth a "preposterous" story which "doesn't do (Ron Paul) any good," just like the good doctor says.

Of course, you know him as Ron Freakpauler, because you can only call people names rather than refute their ideas.

How dare I support Ron Paul's positions in a Ron Paul forum? You'll just have to try to figure that one out for yourself.

All I tried to do here was answer a poster's question honestly and without any ill will. And you chime in with threats of violence with your evocation of a "target" on my back.

It's unfortunate that your hatred for me, Ron Paul and America sends you into such an insane fury. But we'll get over it. I doubt that you will.

Ever heard of the term
On September 11th, 2009 baubaublacksheep says:
Politicaly Correct?

I should continue to point out that 9/11 was perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists using hijacked aircraft, an act of "blowback" for our aggressive policies in the middle east, just like Ron Paul says.

That's the Politically Correct answer that Ron Paul gives as far as WHO is responsible for 9/11. He IS a politician and he has to play the game of politics which he's freely admitted to doing in other arenas in so far as why he chooses to run as a Republican instead of 3rd party or Libertarian...he realizes he has to play the game of politics to have any shot of winning at all. If he was Libertariain more than HALF of you on the Daily Paul wouldn't even be here in the first place. Now he's got enough pull that he can become an Independent or whatever but before last year he could not. HE HAD TO PLAY THE GAME!

I'm sure you are aware that Alex Jones is a 9/11 truther. Do you bother to ever connect the dots yourself and ask yourself WHY Ron Paul chooses to FREQUENT his show LONG BEFORE most of you even knew who he was. AND........have you ever bothered to ask yourself why they both...Alex and Ron refer to one another as "friends" and "on the same team"? and Dr Paul uses words like WE and US and OUR when having discussions with Alex Jones? Read between the lines folks.....look how the media treats ANYONE that comes out and questions 9/11.....even Alex Jones aknowledges Ron Paul openly coming our about 9/11 would be POLITICAL SUICIDE. The TRUTH HURTS. Why do you think Alex NEVER EVER asks Ron Paul if he thinks 9/11 was an inside job? He does with everyone else EXCEPT Dr Paul. DAMN!! What does it take for you people to GET THIS?

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9-11 Facts

1) The vast majority of 9-11 terrorists were Saudi
2) bin Laden is/was Saudi.
3) American troops were in Saudi Arabia.
4) After 9-11 those troops were removed.

Was it mission accomplished? Does it have to be complicated? Why the nonsense they hate freedom? American culture?
Blowback makes the most sense, always has.

Look up:

SBG- Saudi bin Ladin Group, which gets many of America's DoD contracts
Carlyle Group- in which the Bush family and Bin Ladens do business together

Learn about it. It DOES have to be complicated, because the web of lies is so dense.

What blows my mind

is when NON TRUTHERS say.........PROOF PLEASE? As if the OFFICIAL STORY has ANY PROOF at all!!!! It's got more holes in it than SWISS CHEESE!!!



Even the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission Report don't believe they got the real story, and they thought of doing a second investigation, of the Pentagon and CIA, for their cover-ups.

Not Logical

I'm sure you are aware that Alex Jones is a 9/11 truther. Do you bother to ever connect the dots yourself and ask yourself WHY Ron Paul chooses to FREQUENT his show LONG BEFORE most of you even knew who he was. QUOTE

The idea that Ron Paul's political positions can be ascertained by whose show he appears on is ludicrous.
He appears on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and Ed ????. Does that mean he agrees with them?

Have you bothered to LISTEN

to Ron Paul when he's on Alex Jones? It's quite different than when he's on Rachel Maddow and Ed............give me a break. Does Ron use words like WE and US and OUR when refering to either of those people ? NO...........Does he when talking with ALEX? YES!!! Does he discuss the NEW WORLD ORDER and the COUNCIL ON FORIEGN RELATIONS with ED and RACHEL? NO...........Does he with ALEX? Yes............It's a VERY VERY different interview when he's on ALEX JONES. Saying things like......"the tide is turning to OUR side Alex.....and they don't treat US in the same manner, Alex" ...........Does Ron Paul say ANYTHING remotely close to ED or Rachel or anyone else in mainstream media? NO.........he does not! Listen to Alex's archives with Ron Paul.....


Not fair

you can not use logic when speaking about 9/11 truth. It is a religion that is defended violently.

Who did it?

Probably a joint venture. A collaborative project. People put up this false dichotomy that 911 had to be EITHER

a) 19 Saudis with boxcutters in a project conceived by OBL and KSM
b) a conspiracy driven by Bush and the U.S. government

I find it equally plausible that there has been a shadow government controlling things for many a year now, composed of rogue elements of the CIA (read about the Venice Airport where Atta trained), CIA-associated drug runners, arms merchants, oil barons, people worried about peak oil and control of the Caucasus to get oil and natural gas securely to the West, people worried about the security of Israel and its difficulties with the Palestinians including financial support for the Pals from Iraq and elsewhere, and the need to pass the Patriot Act and the Banking Secrecy Act (after the OK bombings) to be able to track down and stop this money, and possibly, Muslim-hating Christian end-times fundamentalists in the military. It wouldn't take much to glue the necessary people and teams together to make 911 happen using all the resources available to this crowd. Maybe in their own mind, the perps are "patriots" (of this country and others), and they saw the deaths associated with 911 as necessary collateral damage.

Cui bono? A little something for everyone.

I personally don't believe that Bush knew about this before it happened - it may have been presented to him as a covert op but conveniently misrepresented to him, an op that suddenly morphed out of control. Bush may have found out about what was done only on the day it happened, and then he may have been threatened to keep quiet. There are even some reports of an assassination attempt on Bush the morning of 911 that failed.

So lots of conspiracy possibilities. As far as Ron Paul is concerned, he was being baited about 911 during the campaign with repeated questions as to whether "the government" was behind 911.

Paul's "blowback" spiel is fine, but it's refuted by the facts. The buildings were exploded. Period. Once you start from there, you know it had to be a much broader conspiracy.

Finally, I still wonder about the plane that Paul was on that suddenly lost altitude on the way to DC. The perps seem to have a way with planes, making them fall out of the sky at will (some EMF disruptor, maybe?), like with Beverly Eckert. So Paul may have been warned and threatened in this manner, also. I remember one You-Tube interview where it was reported that Dr. Paul seemed to get scared when questioned about 911 by a group of truthers. We're all human. I would be, too. The perps who did 911 are not nice people.

That's where you're wrong

about 9/11 truth.

it's either

A. You believe the governments version of events on 9/11 that it was Osama bin Ladin and 19 highjackers who managed to all elude detection and train at military bases to learn how to fly. And were able to remarkably take a 757 from 30,000 feet and spiral it down to Washington D.C. and level it off mere feet off the ground without hitting the ground and hit the side of the Pentagon BULLSEYE....nose to wall. Not to mention to do all this without getting intercepted by any us military defense whatsoever almost a full hour after the first plane struck the WTC in NY.

so....you either believe THAT.


B. Not that. So anything else BUT that. Everything else is speculation. But people that believe B are FREE to suspect our own governments involvement. Why? They stonewall in answering questions about 911.......or they don't answer at all. They show no video tape whatsoever of a plane hitting the Pentagon even after countless FOIA requests and there are PLENTY of video available surrounding the Pentagon.
They change their story about timelines...they lie....and they get NO PRESSURE from ANYONE in the media about it. and NOT ONE SINGLE person was FIRED or repremanded or dismissed from their job.


911 truth never names names

We only wnat a leigitimate investigation.
Of course W didn't matermine this. Did he play along? Possible.
The "official" story of a group of cavedwellers jumping around in the sand pulling off 911 is a lot harder to swallow than an orchestrated false flag.
It was controlled demolition, period. By whoim? That's what we want to know. Is that so much to ask?

Ignorance is bliss

and too many people are following their bliss.

Read Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, and a Truther you will be.

Cheney is not the sole perpetuator

I believe it are people never mentioned by 911 Truth. Also, I do not buy Peak Oil. Controlled opposition to protect corportions that Bush administration dumped is all that is.

Hi Granger

I said nothing about Cheney or Peak Oil.


I've seen that.

It's excellent. Have you watched it? I highly recommend it. But I'm not certain that will be as effective in making a Truther out of a person as his book. It is much, much more extensive.

Whether or not you believe in Peak Oil, there is very convincing evidence that our leaders DO believe in it, or at least they DID when 9/11 plans were under way. And whether or not it's peaked is not the fundamental issue: the monopolization of oil and natural gas in Eurasia was and is the objective.

The link I sent was about the connection between Pakistan's ISI (intelligence agency) and the CIA. To me, it's a fascinating story. I sent it because I thought it might stoke your interest.

Have a nice evening.

Thank you pseudomyn for the info

You did stoke my interest. Than you again.

Thank you.


I am not a truther and I believe the truthers are wrong

I believe the truthers are as misled on the subject of 911 as the MSM audience and the politicians who support the MSM story.

What I admire and respect about Ron Paul, and let me include Ralph Nader (As an Independent, I have chosen these two men as my "leaders" because I appreciate and respect the ways they present their issues, and defenses. I could learn allot from both of them, so I try), it was absolutely brilliant when RP took the 911 question and turned it on ot's head, by calling it a foreign policy problem. IT IS IT IS, and so RP did not lie, but he very cleaverly put the onus back on those who perpetratied it, and while he did not point fingers, he waved his hand in the direction 911 "truth" or what would be better, JUSTICE, should go it they want justice.

But 911 Truth is not seeking justice, and it talks as if TRUTH was absolute Absolute truth is there are many truths.

Truthers claim 911 was an inside job. I believe that is a lie. I believe 911 was perpetrated by the globalists, and the majoritypf Americans are not afraid or against being global, but afraid of being "isolationists". Nine one one truthers spend allot of time defending the term "isolationist" (including RP).

It bothers me allot that truthers never mention the Clintons or Cantor Fitzgerald. I have nightmares about what heppened to the people at Cantor Fitzgerald. Perhaps they were they ones who finacially put the whole thing together? I don't know. But I do know that the Truther and I have different questions about 911. Thery are not interested in my questions (and I LOVE conspiracy theory... have been reading conspiracy theory as entertainment for over 2 decade, so I would hope I've repelled a through ropes to know better by now what is good conspiracy and what is not. 911 Truth is propeganda, controlled opposition established to assure 911 never gets justice, but a whole lot of truth on YouTube.

The thing about Ron Paul (and Ralph Nader, both unreasonable men) they are not desperate. They are intellectual opportunists. They are not trying to seek fortune through fame, flattery gets you nowhere with them, neither can be bought.. and both are articulate and good listeners, and when an opportunity to get their messages out reveals its self.. they are profound, and refreshing, in what they have to say.

To my knowledge, no one has sued the feds more than Nader. I know MSM has everyone believe Nader is big government.. he's not, but he is for an active democratic republic, so he has established many ways and means to hold government accountable. The freedom of Information Act was brought to us by Nader, who never ran for public office in his youth because he believed the citizen has the most power if he uses it... Nader has Public Interest Research Groups...he has THOUSANDS.. everyday someone is starting a PIRG on some campus. And yet, not one was started on 911. The perfect attorney to go after justice for 911 is Nader. Democrats loathe Nader. I like to say Nader to Democrats because it's like a verbal punch in the nose. "Nader!" Nader! LOL Of course, there are those liberals who admot Nader was right. Anyways.. Nader on 911 Truth



Nader on 911 Truth on AJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh1Km_tIehU

Ron Pal and Ralph Nader http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk2J-d6M4Vs Which is the path RP and RN asked us to be on.

Same old...same old..

It was the Globalists! It was the Globalists!

No shit sherlock. Your problem is you don't seem to understand (or hate to admit) that some well heeled individuals within the Globalist hierarchy sit in positions of great power and responsibility in the US Government. So, no matter what, or whom, the star chamber consists of, it was still an inside job. What happened had to have been affected via insider help. Laurent St. Douchebag of Luxembourg doesn't have the key to the NORAD protocols.

You just love to lump "Truthers" into some semantic box that you get to define. We're all adults here who apparently know how to read, write, and click. As such, we can plainly see that the vast majority of "Truthers" are more aptly "non-believers", who will typically say that they don't know what happened that day...which is the point of their continuous inquiry. That some have come to rest on the most high profile, and close to the case personalities probably involved, is only natural. They have hit the wall...that is until investigation leads to the tentacles that guided to local contingent.

Really Granger, your assumptions suck man.

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

Truthers never mrntion the Clintons

why not? She was a senator of NY. His office was located there. Why NOTHING about the Clintons? Why no neo-liberals, and why nothing about Cantor- Fitzgerald? 911 Truth is not asking the same questions as I am. And semantics is imporant. It's why marijuana remains illegal.. the word marijuana evolved to keep cannabis illegal.

911 Truth doesn't even discuss what justice should be.


Is what brings the perpetrators into the docks and places them at the whim, and mercy of, a jury of their peers. In this case, nothing could be more appropriate than the death penalty.

As to the Clintons, they were not "in charge" that day, so its hard to expect blame to be laid in their laps by a populace that can't seem to tie their own shoe laces much less delve into the reality of government...especially when most of the country are still victims, and under the influence of, mass mind-control and memes as put forth by the educational system and the Cabal owned media. Perhaps one day soon, the meme will lose its power and following. Until then, dolts will still believe that somehow Clinton was a great president and "saved the economy". With this said, I have no doubt in my mind that they are part of the Cabal that saw this through.

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

Not a truther?

9/11 truth is about trying to find more of the truth about what happened on 9/11 by asking questions. Are you implying that 9/11 truth is about pushing a truth, like the government did it? I don't think so. However, I am sure there are some Zionists and NWO globalist who would gladly push the 9/11 truth movement into thinking it was all just Bush and Cheney. Its their frontline.
No politician will support 9/11 truth because they do not believe they will succeed in their agenda. But, I believe they understimate the researching and scientific skills that the group possesses. Answers to just a few of the questions will open up the floodgates to the real perps, I believe.

I would call myself for 911Justice

You can have all the truth in the world, but if you have no justice, what good is truth?

I think

you're wrong.


And your reason?

Do tell.

Give It A Break If You 2 Can't See That It Was Both...

Blowback and an Inside Job at the same f*****g time ran by the Mossad/Neo-Cons your heads are buried further up your a***s than I though when I saw this upon waking up.

Ron Paul is right.
Truthers are right.


Paper Ballots Hand Counted At The Precinct Or Bust
Support WTP Federal Supreme Court Case To Ban All Electronic Voting Or Forget 2010 or 2012

Good Point!

Pardon me while I pull my head out of my A**.


All Hail the Leader

If Ron Paul doesn't say it, I don't think it.