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Dems respond to Wilson's criticisms by changing the bill.

Democrats fix bill in response to Wilson’s criticisms.


Also I'm attaching the Buchanan censorship to this post since no one seems to be annoyed by it except me.

Why does Human Events keep a Pat Buchanan archive but selectively delete the entries that they dislike?

Seems like overzealous censorship. Why not just let people read it and decide for themselves?

Human Events deletes Buchanan’s latest column as does MSNBC.

From the column "But Human Events does not have that excuse. In fact, Human Events regularly denounces the groups organizing the witch hunt."


“. Buchanan and Ann Coulter usually trade spots for the most popular columns on the site. Although several sites—such as VDARE.COM—carry Buchanan’s column online, when you click on “Pat Buchanan” at Drudge Report, you go straight to the Human Events archive.
How does Human Events return the favor? Whenever Buchanan says anything politically incorrect on certain subjects, it either trashes him or sends his columns down the memory hole. (Apart from anything else, this means the Human Events archive of Buchanan’s columns is incomplete—unlike VDARE.COM’s!)”

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This is the tone of the "Democrats fix bill . . . " article. Yay

"First off, congratulations for once again caving to the teabaggers and telling them that all they need to do is go crazy and Democrats will run scared and cave."

I think it wise, just my opinion, to empower this Wilson guy. They ran scared and changed things because he spoke truth to power. If he realizes that his words made a difference, he could be a good force to have on our side as well. He spoke our sentiment for us. I seriously doubt that anyone here at DP thinks that Obama isn't all about lies. I've been trying to connect to his website to thank him but can't get in because of too much traffic. I'm hoping its being flooded with thanks for speaking out during that speech and saying what we were all saying at home as we watched.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

I am starting to wonder if

this Wilson thing was scripted. Hmmm, the world's a stage and I'm in the audience.

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