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Rand Paul: A grassroots mission for DP...RADIO INTERVIEWS

If anybody listens to Hugh Hewitt in your radio market, you know he is deeply involved in fighting this .gov health care takeover. You also know he intensively covers GOP electoral politics around the Republic by interviewing candidates, stumping on the road for them and raising money. We are at the point here in KY where the grassroots campaign is kicking in and we need some backup.

A lot of Republicans in Louisville listen to Hugh from 6-9 PM and would be well served to hear him interview Rand. I've already contacted the campaign and they're going to pursue this interview opportunity. What I need from DPers who are in radio markets where Hugh's show is broadcast is an email campaign to Hugh and his producer to ask for an interview with Rand Paul.

Make it simple:

"Republican Dr. Rand Paul, an Ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, Kentucky is running to replace the retiring Sen. Jim Bunning. He is a "Back to Basics Conservative" heavily involved in the current health care debate.

Dr. Paul has demonstrated significant fundraising prowess and enjoys extensive grassroots support from Conservatives around the Bluegrass State.

Please consider scheduling an on-air interview with him as soon as possible."

This is what I'm sending so just don't copy and paste it. Put it in your own words.

Hugh Hewiit:

Hugh's Producer, Duane Patterson:

And any other national shows you can think of that run in KY radio markets other than Louisville, post 'em up!


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I'm always amazed at these people.

I don't know if they just ride the tide of the pulse or wishes of the majority of the American people. On one hand they will fight with every fiber to bomb the living shit out of innocent people in foreign countries killing nearly 2 million in Iraq alone. (Hugh Hewitt was very much in this corner during the primaries I assume he hasn't changed) Now it comes to a health care program although socialistic in nature hasn't killed anyone to date and he's vehemently opposed ? Is it me or do priorities here seem out of order ? I mean where is the credibility and/or integrity in any of this insanity. Frankly I could never support the wholesale murder of anyone anywhere. This bat shit crazy son-of-a-bitch (Hewitt) thinks Ron Paul and his supporters are nuts ? He was sh#t at the Texas Straw Poll and he's still a piece of sh#t. Just my 2 cents on Hugh Hewitt

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Hugh Hewitt

I work for the company that carries Hugh Hewitt... and trust me, he's bad news. He's all about promoting the neoconservative agenda. There's only one host on our network that has been kind to Dr. Paul or our movement, and that would be Mike Gallagher (he would be the mid-morning host on the same station you're speaking of), the rest of our hosts have spent all of their time ignoring or (in the case of Michael Medved) bashing him constantly... just my two cents.

Regardless, a lot of Republicans in Louisville listen to him

Hugh really fights the tactical Republican election game better than anyone else on radio. I personally know many Republicans in Louisville who listen to him and hearing him interview Rand on his show will simply reinforce Rand as a contender in their minds.

I don't know about you but I WANT RAND TO WIN THIS PRIMARY! You do what you want, but if there's A CHANCE that Rand can get on more of these nationally syndicated radio shows THAT KENTUCKY REPUBLICAN VOTERS LISTEN TO then I'm all for it.

Rand, after all is a Republican running in a Republican Primary. If we want Rand to be elected then we must use ANY resource available to maximize his exposure to the voters he needs to vote for him.

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I share your disgust and frustration

and totally agree about priorities; maybe Rand can help some of this guy's listeners to work their ways out of the Empire's matrix.

Emails sent

Let's get Rand on these national radio shows heard in Kentucky!

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