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John Rubino Interviews James Quinn: It All Started With Ron Paul

by John Rubino | Dollar Collapse

In addition to his day job as a strategic planner with an Ivy League university, James Quinn has, in the past year, become one of the Web’s handful of must-read bloggers. Nearly everything he publishes ends up in the DollarCollapse “Best of the Web” column, and his Burning Platform website now hosts high-level discussions on topics ranging from Peak Water to Washington’s fraudulent employment numbers to Swiss bank dumping of U.S. bonds. We spoke earlier in the week:

DollarCollapse: The first article on your Burning Platform website is less than a year old. Since then you’ve been churning out big, thought-provoking, well-researched articles at the rate of about one a week. What happened to suddenly make you such a prolific blogger?

James Quinn: I’d never written an article in my entire life until April 2008. The reason I started was, I was watching the Republican presidential primaries and I saw how the mainstream press and the other candidates were treating Ron Paul. I’d never heard of Ron Paul until Richard Russell brought him up in his newsletter. I started investigating, and everything the guy wrote was dead-on, completely consistent with my point of view. And during the campaign they were treating him like a nut, when he was the most honest straightforward guy in the campaign....

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Excellent article!

* Thanks for posting this! I love it when Ron Paul gets the credit he so richly deserves!

"I truly wish that real life would no longer surpass the worst excesses of my nightmarish imaginings... Arthur Silber **

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

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