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The DP Helped Me Open Up To Ask Questions and Seek 911 Truth

knowing this has been a touchy subject for many ... it has been a long time now - when this event first happened I was 100% thinking
everything that I heard from msm .... (like 99% of the public perhaps) at that time. All that time went by and I still thought we were doing the correct thing .... my story is by getting involved with the Ron Paul campaign and learning about the "liberty philosophy"
it also open me up to things related ... I am thankful for the DP and all the various posts .... to at least investigate and be open to things. As painful as it was - looking into 911 at first (all that meant is - it was painful for me to have to change what I was holding on to. Anyway - the newest information I have been checking out is from Richard Gage - archetects and engineers .... check out this video (if you haven't already) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oO2yT0uBQbM

also - www.aetruth911.org

it is so great to be able to have freedom to research and ask questions and learn .....

peace to all

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"How did a fire in the top floor cause that to happen?"

I do remember thinking that, and puzzling over it as I watched in horror as the event unfolded. I will never forget the images of people on the upper floors jumping out the windows to avoid being burned alive.
We were all in shock--and it was easier at the time to believe the official story than admit something was fishy.