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Extreme Chemtrail Spraying Taking Place Over California.. Happy 9/11

I noticed the white crap on the horizon. They have been spraying further out in the Pacific so it isn't so obvious, and having it blow in, before laying more lines on top. Terrible air quality, blowing east.

How long are we going to allow this? Just because it doesn't look like a bullet, or a bomb, doesn't mean it isn't killing us. There's nothing wrong with self defense.. they did 9/11 to us, and are dumping shit from airplanes on us.. where's you line?


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Blue skies today--The man-made Cloud Squad has a day off!

For those who post here and like to say the air traffic is "normal", I will point out that where I live a plane or two a day would be normal, so blue skies every day would be normal!
I estimate that the days of constant aerosol spraying, 40 to 50 planes can be observed, with the "cloud" lines starting and stopping, criss-crossing and spreading out to a milky film obscuring the sun.

Yesterday morning (911) I saw it too.

We live near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and there were a bunch of Chemtrails in the morning.
I was actually having my coffee on the balcony and saw them floating around.
Good morning America.
"the Air Force at work"

One has to think:
They don't own the sky, the air.
The air that I breathe.
They don't own me.
What right do they have to do this?
And lie about it?

"God is at home, it's we who have gone out for a walk."
Meister Eckhart

personal observation

been paying more attention to the jet trails lately, I live on the east coast near Wilmington INTL (ILM), If you sit in a field and watch you'll often notice the high altitude jet traffic leaving trails as they make their way up and down the east coast. Same jets at different altitudes, don't leave trails. Have to be above certain altitude. Jets ascending or descending to airports 75 miles or so on either side of ILM seem to hit layers where the trails die off.
Sometimes the trail dies off in certain spots or sections in the sky for all the jets that fly through it.
Somedays there are no trails because the conditions are not right, due to dry air or maybe temperature(I'm guessing here).
The trails on the east coast generally are blown offshore but since the jets seem to pretty much all fly over the same spots in sequence, like one every 5 minutes it makes the patterns.
While I don't doubt they have or still do do spray tests I think the majority of the trails happen to be ice or whatever the other clouds up there might have been. All depending on atmospheric conditions at jets altitude.
If they are spraying they must be mixing it in the gas because I can't find the spray nozzle switch anywhere on microsoft flight sim...lol Just my .02, I don't claim to know the truth.
When you throw in HAARP, then maybe there is more to it.....no telling what Tesla had in his notes....

If you still think these are

If you still think these are regular contrails, check this video out..

This was filmed over England, and should put any doubt to rest concerning whether or not planes are spraying, or it's natural contrails.

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hold on...

i just called them trails, I dunno WTF they are. Just telling you what I see on a daily basis.....take it for what it's worth. .02 cent american dollares...which ain't much...lol

What we are witnessing

is different. These lines are laid in a very organized way just south of the population center...they spread and descend fairly low by the time they ae over the city.

not doubting you

at all, It definitely appears an effective way to make cloud cover, by flying at certain altitudes.
I would love to see where some independents followed behind in a trail and gathered samples and cleared it up for us.
Mainly I just wanted to point out the pattern aspect.
You must be in the main flight path.

Thing is though...

The thing is that we have been in a drought for a while our weather has not changed in months (for the most part). Some days they fly other days they do not.

They took Monday off but were full force on Tuesday. No weather difference between the days. No reason for flight difference.

When you see the kind of activity you we are witnessing...it is obvious to the observer that it is different.

I often point it out to people on the trail or in a parking lot. Invariably, they grant that there these are not normal contrails. There are too many characteristics that are different.

Not to mention that 2-3 hours into heavy spraying the sky gets wispy white everywhere and form halo patterns as the sun shines through them.

Phoenix got hit today, somewhat moderate but the sky

has been blue for several weeks.

Well now that the fires are calming down, eh?

Even the North Coast has contrail clouds and haze when the fog lifts.

I traveled

up the coast by car from LA to Monterey & back in the last couple of days and began seeing trails near Vandenberg Air Force Base, laid down very low over Buellton. In Pismo Beach, they were very obviously laying down a grid at a lower altitude. On the Monterey Peninsula, I noticed that the chem clouds were coming in from the ocean horizon. Sneaky bastards. As I look out my window now (in LA), I can see a recently laid chemtrail and many chemtrail residue clouds. Thanks NWO!

Next time

I hope someone grabs Rockefeller and puts him under citizens arrest. If he's in a cage getting his due, he'll give the order to stop the spraying. Then, we can move him to a minimum security location where he'll only get ass-raped every now and then.

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I have just updated the link

I have just updated the link to a more recent video I shot today that better shows the chemtrails, not just the huge halo around the sun.

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I think the halos

I think the halos are one of the most distinguishing features. I notice it as well...also the clouds will refract light creating reddish rainbows over their edges.

Why are you people doing this?

Why do you insist on making us all look like we're fringe idiots?

Please, for the love of God, keep these topics off this site and post them on the conspiracy theory websites where they belong.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views...Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. - SCotUS, 1995


This is a community of honest and mature discourse. So F off.

NASA calls them contrail clouds

They have a program called GLORY http://glory.giss.nasa.gov/ and you can go to the NASA Glory web page and learn all about contrail clouds.

Chemtrail clouds are not a conspiracy theory, it is controlled opposition through semantics assuring NASA and Glory are not taken to task for the same reason sky writing is illegal.. eye pollution.. yes, there's allot more to contrail clouds, and why controlled opposition call it CHEM trails... but NASA is protected from "slang".

Whether you believe in Chemtrails or not, the contrails are producing climate change by design.

Followed the Link

...and read the page. I see nothing about spraying chemicals from aircraft. This page describes the use of satellites to monitor clouds and smog and their connection to (so-called) climate change.

Do any of the other pages on the site say anything about spraying chemicals from aircraft? If you point such information out I will read and consider it.


I Checked That Out

...and read the summaries and followed two of the links. Once again, this appears to be studies of clouds and contrails included the "simulated" creation of contrails (entry lacks detail but appears to refer to an earthbound laboratory experiment) and concludes that the contrails in question are formed by ice crystals and not an unknown chemical: "The observed rate of contrail spreading and maintenance of optical depths larger than 0.05 can be approximately explained simply by growth and precipitation of ice crystals nucleated during the initial contrail formation if the environmental humidity is very high (relative humidity with respect to ice > 125%). This result is consistent with observed high humidities in regions where persistent contrails formed during SUCCESS.."

Can you show me a page which specifically mentions spraying chemicals from aircraft rather than the observation of either existing clouds and contrails or the simulation of clouds and contrails in a laboratory setting?

Thanks again.

"Climate Forcings" Here Means Global Warming

That page does not describe NASA trying to force the climate, but rather refers to (so-called) global warming as Climate Forcings:

Climate Forcings in the Industrial Era

By James Hansen — September 1998

"Everyone has heard of "greenhouse effect" — the warming of Earth caused by gases that trap heat emitted by Earth's surface. But how can we tell whether such human-made gases are changing the climate? How can we even visualize this problem in a quantitative way?

One way to think of human greenhouse heating is in terms of the number of miniature Christmas tree bulbs that would be needed to warm Earth's surface by an equivalent amount. All of the greenhouse gases created by humans and added to the air since the Industrial Revolution began cause a heating equal to that of two 1-Watt bulbs over every square yard of Earth's surface.

One fundamental question this raises is: how much will climate change in response to such a forcing? That basic issue has been a focus of climate research for 20 years, ever since the National Academy of Sciences' famous "Charney report" (see references below) in 1979 estimated that the world would warm between 1.5° and 4.5°C if the amount of carbon dioxide in the air were to double."

If you can provide a link to a page describing the spraying of chemicals from aircraft I will read and consider it.

Thank you.

I saw this

The main conclusion that leaps out from the bargraph is the huge uncertainty in the forcings due to aerosols (fine particles in the air) and forced cloud changes. "Forced cloud changes" refers to human-made cloud changes. Such changes, including aircraft contrails, are mainly an indirect effect of aerosols, which serve as condensation nuclei for cloud drops and can alter the brightness and lifetime of clouds. It will be impossible to interpret current climate change or predict reliably future climate unless we develop a better understanding of the aerosol and cloud forcings. That is the objective of a new NASA project, the Global Aerosol Climatology Project. http://gacp.giss.nasa.gov/

Where are the aresols coming from? Doesn't NASA have jets with projects http://gacp.giss.nasa.gov/projects/report/mian_chin.html

Once again, this would

Once again, this would appear to discuss the study of existing aerosols in the atmosphere as a result of industry and other human activity, not the purposeful spraying of such aerosols.

We propose a 3-year research project to investigate the composition and distribution of tropospheric aerosols. A global 3-dimensional model will be used to simulate four major types of tropospheric aerosols: sulfate, dust, sea salt, and carbonaceous aerosols. Our objectives are (1) to interpret satellite aerosol measurements in terms of aerosol sources and concentrations, (2) to define global distributions of the four major aerosol types, and (3) to determine the effects of human activities on tropospheric aerosol loading."

Interestingly enough these documents do concern a conspiracy and a cover-up, but it is not chem-trails, it's (so-called) anthropomorphic global warming.

If you want to hunt down a real conspiracy being perpetrated in an effort to enforce global government then look into that. Check out some of these quotes from the global warming alarmists. They openly admit that global warming is a scam and they are lying to gain power.

See: http://www.green-agenda.com/index.html

I see a connection between gloabl warming

NASA and wars... and I do believe NASA has allot to do with contrail clouds, which maybe they use to "grid" for satalite adjustments?

Anyways... I believe NASA should come under the "gun" for contrail clouds.

Looks like you're the fringe

Looks like you're the fringe here.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


Don't you ever look up? How can you avoid seeing them? They are clearly an aberration of any aeronautical cloud cover from any text book on Weather and Aviation, let alone the copious documentation on "chem trails"? The term "theory" is no longer relevant when it becomes "fact" and this fact has been known for decades. Wake up! Look up! They're not going away. They are increasing!!!! They're even starting to show up in artwork as if the sky with its trail grid is normal.????

You mean people who pay attention to their environment?

The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification, and has been doing so for at least half a century. Previously classified under such names as "Project Cirrus" (1947) and "Project Popeye" (1966), weather modification is no longer a secret practice. In fact, a bill (S517) was sponsored in 2005 by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Republican, "to establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes." This bill did not become law. Yet, there is reason to believe that various government institutions are carrying out numerous legal and illegal weather experiments without informing the public.

This isn't just a suspicion of the United States. The Chinese government announced in April the creation of the first-ever artificial snowfall over the city of Nagqu in Tibet. The event was only one in a series of Chinese weather modification experiments that have been going on for years. China, in fact, now conducts more cloud seeding projects than any other nation.

Cloud seeding through the use of silver iodide was discovered as a viable way to make rain clouds in 1946. In 1947, the U.S. military attempted to use this method to seed a hurricane, which later hit the Georgia coast near Savannah. In the mid-1960s, similar techniques were used in hopes of muddying the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam. The idea was to slow enemy troop movements through the introduction of inclement weather, and conversely to prevent foul weather over allies.

But cloud seeding with silver iodide is an archaic technique compared with newer advances in nanotechnology and other methods for weather monitoring and control. Microelectric Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) and the newer Global Environmental MEMS Sensors (GEMS), are extremely tiny machines used to monitor weather patterns.

No larger than dust particles, the sensors are designed to be sent up inside hurricanes and other weather systems in large numbers, reporting back data as they literally become a part of those systems. This data can later be used to improve weather forecasting and potentially control the weather through a better understanding of the complex mathematics involved in such systems. One goal is to "steer" these systems, sending them to specific targets and increasing or decreasing their size.

Another extremely controversial participant in the weather modification game is the infamous HAARP antenna grid in Gakona, Alaska. HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is an enormous array of antennas inspired by the free energy experiments of 19th-century electrical playboy Nikola Tesla. Commencing sometime around 1990, HAARP was only recently declassified, and much of the current research there is said to take place in secret.

HAARP fires massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere, heating and distorting a section up to 30 miles in diameter. There are various strange and frightening claims made about the project. It may be capable of shifting the position of the jetstream, which could impact global weather in ways that we still do not understand well. Other claims about HAARP, such as that it is part of a massive government mind-control operation or that it forms the main component of a giant death ray, are difficult to verify. But these theories are not as implausible as one might think.

Even in the face of mountains of evidence, many people still believe that weather modification of any kind is only a fantasy. People must be aware that these technologies have been around for a long time, are indeed being used and have great potential for dangerous and unethical uses. Our planet's weather is part of a single interconnected system and any change to it, whether natural or not, affects every other element of that system. The organizations most interested in modifying this system appear to be applying their theories in incredibly irresponsible ways.

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