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Young Americans are dying to enrich the oil companies.
It occured to me it doesn't matter if the U.S. prevails in places like Iraq as long as the production of oil is limited. From the Law of Supply and Demand we know preventing oil production increases the price of oil elsewhere. So the oil companies are in a win-win position as long as the conflict continues. Once the "right people" control the oil, then peace becomes desirable.
Note Greenspans comment about oil and war. Of course there are others factors.

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Add to that...natural gas, water, minerals

any kind of limited resources !

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That's why

we all need to go back to tee-pees, fires, gardens, and I guess loincloths would be kool too. What the hell.

One of my personal goals is

One of my personal goals is to one day become as close to fully self sufficient as possible, especially in regards to my own energy production.


when did loincloths

go out?

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