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Top Ten Reasons for a New 9/11 Investigation

Preface for 2009

It has been two years since this column was first published, and despite a new Democratic administration and further scientific evidence debunking the Official Conspiracy Theory, the situation is largely unchanged. The United States is still occupying the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, causing an appalling number of civilian deaths, creating resentment and hatred of the U.S. among the local populations, making the world a more dangerous place (according to three former CIA agents) and further bankrupting Americans in the process. Domestically, assaults continue on the rights and freedoms that America was once famous for. The mainstream media (and many on the Internet) continue to characterize those who sensibly disbelieve the Official Conspiracy Theory as "conspiracy theorists" and "nutjobs"; the ever-growing body of evidence against that official version of events continues to be ignored, downplayed, and misrepresented. The "Big Lie" theory espoused by Hitler has thus once again been proven correct. Few Americans are willing to put up with the discomfort of seeing things as they really are in this situation.

Of the "further scientific evidence" mentioned above, I will highlight only one item: the finding, by an international team of scientists, that a huge amount of high-tech nano-thermite was used in the demolition of the World Trade Center buildings. The PDF of the study published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal may be read here (25 pages) and is highly recommended.

Beyond the higher numbers of casualties for both U.S. troops and locals in the occupied areas, little in the column below would merit change. If you have not yet been willing to face the unpleasant truth of this situation, I encourage you to to do so.

September 11, 2007

The List


- 1 -

Epic Disaster and Failure All Around

Six years ago, on September 11, 2001 , America 's staggeringly expensive defense system failed catastrophically. Four airliners were hijacked and then used as weapons; three were flown into buildings and the fourth crashed on the way to an unknown target. Three skyscrapers in New York were completely destroyed (although one had not been hit by a plane) and the Pentagon suffered serious damage. Almost three thousand lives were lost, and people are still suffering and dying from the aftereffects. Last Friday, Discover Magazine reported that "Up to 70 percent of first responders are ill as a result of 9/11 contamination. If a similar rate of illness holds true for those who lived and worked near the Twin Towers , the number of seriously ill New Yorkers could climb to 300,000 in the near future."

This disaster should have been prevented, but was not. The people and organizations charged with detecting and thwarting such an attack failed. Warnings were in fact given, but as is typical of government action, even the sincere efforts of dedicated individuals were not enough to prevent the organization as a whole from failing, in this case with horrific consequences.

- 2 -


Imagine that a group of private firms had been in charge of defending America from attack on 9/11, and imagine these firms had failed as completely as did our own defense establishment on that day. What would have happened to those firms and to their executives in the wake of the attacks?

Businesswoman Martha Stewart went to prison for five months merely for lying to investigators about a stock trade. Any corporation, small business, or other non-government organization responsible for the death of even a single person through negligence or failure of their product or service might well be taken to court, and those at the top charged with negligent homicide or other serious crime in regards the death. What on Earth would we have done to people responsible for the incredible failures of September 11 – if those people had not been highly placed in our own government?

Not only have those responsible for this massive and deadly failure not been held accountable, they have been allowed to use their own failure as a blank check for staggering new police-state powers and for waging aggressive war against Afghanistan and Iraq – two nations which had neither attacked us nor even threatened to attack us, and which were in fact incapable of realistically threatening the most powerful nation on Earth.

- 3 -

Using Grenades to Kill a Fly at a Dinner Party

The 9/11 attacks were not an act of war by any nation's military, but instead criminal acts committed (so the Official Story goes) by a relatively small group of people headed by Osama bin Laden. War was an entirely inappropriate response to such attacks, and according to many authorities, was illegal under international law; see also here. The wars (and the occupations in the aftermath of the wars) in Afghanistan and Iraq have already cost over 4,000 American lives – more than the number of lives lost on September 11. The total number of American war dead is much higher (although figures are hard to come by) if one includes civilian workers and contractors, some of whom are, alarmingly, acting as mercenaries for us. The number of crippled, blinded, maimed, and other wounded Americans is huge, with total American wounded now standing at over 27,000 and by some estimates, closer to 100,000. Civilian deaths in the two nations we have invaded far exceed the numbers of coalition casualties; last year, a widely-reported study in the medical journal The Lancet found that 655,000 Iraqis had been killed since our invasion of that nation. Together, Afghanistan and Iraq have suffered "at least 832,962 people . . . killed and 1,590,895 seriously injured" by one current estimate.

It bears repeating: In the process of hunting down a small band of attackers, we have been responsible for nearly a million deaths and a staggering number of wounded. Men, women and children have been torn apart by bullets and bombs, burned alive, buried under rubble from their own homes or other buildings, and killed in dozens of other ways. Over 1.5 million human beings will bear the scars of these wars for life, and that isn't even counting the cost in pain and emotional damage, which will impact future generations as well.

We have also destroyed much of the infrastructure in two nations, doused wide areas with thousands of tons of poisonous and radioactive depleted uranium, and generally wreaked havoc and violence. No wonder millions of Iraqis have already fled their homes and their nation. The London Independent reports that perhaps 50,000 of these refugees, including many who are "alarmingly young," have been forced into prostitution in Syria and elsewhere.

In light of all that, one cannot be surprised that America's standing in the world has suffered dramatically, with polls finding that large majorities in most nations now believe America is a threat to world peace. Not only have we squandered the sympathy and good will the world expressed towards us after the 9/11 attacks, we have made ourselves feared, hated, and despised.

It seems almost petty to consider financial costs in light of so much death and pain, but these wars will be a financial millstone around America 's neck for generations. The country's financial situation was already grave before the 9/11 attacks (although few Americans seemed aware of this), but since that day our national debt has skyrocketed and our unfunded liabilities have grown even faster than the official debt. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not the only factors in this, but consider: the war in Iraq may already have cost us $1 trillion or even $2 trillion when future expenses (for care of wounded soldiers, replacement of lost and destroyed equipment, and other costs) are included. The original cost for the Iraq war was estimated by the Pentagon at roughly $50 billion (see "$1 trillion" link above), so what we have is a $50 billion estimate versus a possible $2,000 billion (and rising) price tag.

Despite all that, we have failed to achieve our objectives. Indeed, we have made our original problem worse. Osama bin Laden has not been captured and our own intelligence agencies reported last September that the terror threat has INCREASED because of our efforts.

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that a majority of Americans believe we "made a mistake getting involved in the war in Iraq " – and no wonder.


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