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Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

I hope I'm not starting a repeat thread. Is this book worth purchasing?


I see that Dr, Paul referenced it in a 2005 speech on Suicide Terrorism on the House floor:


I've been getting a lot of flack from my neo-con friends (they're not perfect but I still love em) that Ron Paul is weak on fighting terrorism.

1) Did you find the book's premise, that suicide bombings are motivated by political rather than religious reasons, legitimate?

2) Did it help you articulate Ron Paul's belief that non-interventionism is the proper way to counter the terrorist threat?

If it did, I'd like to know. I'll give the author his due and poney up some cash for it.


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Terrorism is about outsider invasions...

Russia invading Afghanistan, Zionists invade Palastine, America overthrowing Irans leader, military bases in Saudi Arabia etc, America invading Iraq, etc...

Religion is used as a TOOL much as the Internet is used as a TOOL by the Ron Paul grass roots.

This is a thinking mans conflict. NeoCons are not up to the task. There is only two ways to win...

#1) Give them all the WWII treatment and firebomb all their cities and villiages to the ground.

#2) Drain the swamp of hatred and then let the arabs take out the terrorists themselves.

Ron Paul is for #2... The arab children grow up hearing from their parents, neighbors, religious leaders, etc... about how they have been treated badly by the west... they then grow up and feel that they are in the right supporting a fight against the west... if we turn the NON-terrorist arab civilians against terrorism and favorably toward the USA then they will not talk about these things... and so the arab children will not grow up feeling that their entire society feels they are under attack and being violated... and that means less terrorist type people...

Of coarse we must still get the terrorists that already exist... but then again.... where oh where in the world is Osama? Bushies and the NeoCons didnt get him... they FAILED... now they need to get out of the way and let others try.

Expectations Too High

Terrorists are criminals nothing more, nothing less. They are violent murderers and therefore need to be viewed as such by the entire global community. Attaching religious labels to these thugs has been a great marketing tool for them and your Neo-Con friends are the biggest purveyors of this particular brand of violence. Neo-Cons can play Terminator all they want in the so-called war on terrorism but at the end of the day they won't make nary a dent as long as they continue to glorify these murders above their criminal status. Maybe Neo-Cons don't mind living with the fatal results of their folly but I do.

That Saying is So Stupid

Words cannot describe how much a hate the saying "Weak on terror." Ron Paul is weak on terror if by that you mean he does not scare people into making them believe what he does. The book is really good though.