Giuliani Nearly Drowned Out by Rival's Supporters (Guess Who's!)

By STEVE VISSER | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 12/03/07

It was Rudy Giuliani campaigning for president on the Marietta Square on Sunday afternoon, but anyone listening may well have thought the candidate's name was Ron Paul.

"RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" — a crowd chanted from Glover Park, effectively drowning out comments from the former New York mayor and occasionally changing the chant to "FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!"

The younger crowd of Paul supporters had stronger, or maybe more enthusiastic, lungs than the middle-aged crowd of Giuliani's gaggle, who responded with a college try — "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" — while the Paul cadres tailed the GOP front runner on his walking photo op in downtown Marietta.

The Paul backers, handing out their own candidate's literature, said they were more interested in a president who would truly try to shrink government, not just promise to do it, and who promises outright to bring the troops home from Iraq.

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My Favorite Rudy Pic

Check out this picture by clicking link below. Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Rudy is for Ron Paul

Another secret-weapon is showing here

I'll once-again point-out, Ron Paul supporters' children are BY-FAR the cutest. If those 2 kids holding the giant rEVOLution banner & yelling "Ron Paul!!" don't prove my point to you, then I'd suggest a visit to the eye-doctor. ;)

Wheres the other supporters!!!

Wheres the mccain or giuliani supporters? Thats what I thought. Ron Paul is our next president.

Media's Coverage

i don't think this was posted yet. pardon me if it was. this is a clip of local media covering the rudy event.

What a difference in perception they can make

It's interesting watching this video vs. the others that were taken by some Ron Paul supporters. If you only saw this news report you would have thought there was a huge and excited crowd there that was supporting Giuliani. It's interesting what they can do with the right camera angle and the right editing.

Here's another video that was just posted.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

I understand... some may think this is only a negative in the eyes of the public, but i have to disagree.

Like one of the previous posters said, WE have to take action to get headlines/coverage. We can't just rely on our OWN events to draw the media. Most often times they just ignore, understate or malign RP's TRUE support and supporters.

The reason his campaign is SO popular and SO fun is because we are engaging in this type of activity instead of those stodgy cocktail fundraising events which are so prevalent in politics.

When folks see and read this stuff that we are doing, they think to themselves, "wow, RP DOES have support......hmmmmm, the media SURELY must be lying and those polls MUST be rigged....hmmmmmmmm"

Take a look at this video of the Fred Thompson event we converged on when he came to Lakeland, FL for a gun show:

And here's the accompanying news article where they quoted a lady who said we were"rude". But THAT's a complete lie. It was public property at a public event.


Wheres the other supporters!!!

Wheres the mccain or giuliani supporters? Thats what I thought. Ron Paul is our next president.

If you're not familiar with the area...

Marietta is an Atlanta suburb, in the district once represented by Newt Gingrich--it's the epicenter of "Gingrich country" and a major node in the military-industrial complex. I live & work in the area, and this place was neocon when neocon wasn't cool.

Now, as you can see, it belongs to the Revolution.

Congressman Larry McDonald

country eh? I'd love to go there sometime. Ron Paul for President!!

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

New video just posted

It seems like most people were pretty civil. It's just tough for Ron Paul supporters to remain quiet.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

I am all for free speech...

But, Dr. Paul is not just a statesman and gentleman. He has class too. I question what these supporters did at this event. Is this the image we want people to have of our campaign? It is one thing to chant his name across the street (this challenges people to educate themselves as to why Dr. Paul has such ardent followers - then the message does the rest), but to follow him all over town and heckle him, is not in the image of Dr. Paul and I think it can have a "blowback" effect on our campaign.

Just a thought...

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

There is a fine line here

...and I think we crossed it this time.

You have to put youselves in the shoes of unaffiliated Republican voters. What impression did they get of Ron Paul supporters (which inevitably rubs off on Ron Paul)? I think we looked pushy and inconsiderate, at least a little.

Yes it gets us media, but what kind of media? Some of our people made it look like Giuliani's group was bigger than it was!

Here's what I think is acceptable: 1) showing up, the more the merrier. 2) signs - but standing at the edges or across the street, not pushing themselves into the opponent's group. 3) NO CHANTS.

That would get us media, without the negatives. You want the media to report we outnumber them, but you don't want us to look like jerks doing it.




I disagree...

Ghoulaini is a criminal,a liar, and a coward. He deserves to be followed around and heckled! If he is elected president he will truly be the Ruthless Dictator! Kiss you rights goodbye!

I agree

It makes me cringe to read stories like this (a similar thing happened on that ferry in Michigan). This does nothing to persuade undecided voters or even those who mildly support Giuliani because it's easy to see this as something mean-spirited and not as much an expression of support for RP. And that's not going to bring anyone over to our side. We should have just scheduled our own rally a couple of hours later and blown them away. That way the headline would read very differently: "Ron Paul Outdraws Rudy 3 to 1." Who cares about Rudy anyway? He's going to implode just like Huckabee. Let's just do our thing and see what happens.

you can't be serious, LOL

When is the Dino Media going to run that headline? We've done that so many times now... no, they aren't going to run that headline no matter what. It's still up to us to force them to cover us, by doing something noteworthy which intrudes -- politely -- on their sense of reality. Just having a rally... they can spin it, like the Iowa rally which outdrew the neo-clones 2 to 1 back in June. Lowball our attendance, puff up the neo's... they're good at this stuff, since it's their profession. We have to take the "story" to them at every opportunity. When we do, we get a response; if we do it politely, they only make themselves look bad if they try to smear us.

Kill them with happiness. They really hate that. :-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I'm serious, but maybe idealistic

You might be right about getting media attention - my thought was that scheduling our rally so closely to theirs would force the media to take the angle to compare the two rallies. I just don't think trying to out-yell Giuliani's rally would be considered "polite", and neither is stalking them as they walk around - you think that's going to produce a more positive story? It'll be another "check out Dr. Paul's wacky supporters" article, and I think we've seen enough of those.

I am shocked...

Ron Paul is mentioned without the typical derogatory statements. They even let the last comment in the article come from a Ron Paul supporter. Awesome!
The RP revolutionary happened to be right Rudy wants to run our lives. I am not impressed with his tax cuts in NY because they where not partnered with a scaling back of the city bureaucracy.
This reporter is closest supporter. I think there are a lot of these folks who know the score. If they do not tow the line they will be fired. How can any reporter feel safe if Dan rather can get run out.
As the Paul campaign grows these folks will find subtle ways to help. Stopping the negative adjectives and then letting the last comment be a factual statement against Rudy from a RP revolutionary is one of these opportunities.


Liberty = Responsibility

The Atlanta Urinal ruse

Has anyone else noticed that the title to the article is:

"Giuliani nearly drowned out by rival's supporters:

but, the title to the web page is this:

"Giuliani faces hecklers at Marietta Square |"

Shouting "Ron Paul" and "Freedom" is heckling? It's not as is Rudy doesn't have enough sludge under his nails with which to heckle the creature. But, this is not heckling.

The Atlanta Urinal has always been a disgusting newspaper, barely fit for birdcage liner or puppy paper.

When Ron Paul makes his visit to Atlanta, we must make sure that the evnt is so big that they can't ignore it, spin it, or crap on us like they do with this cheap trick title of this article.

The r3VOLution will not be televised. It will be uploaded.

Republican Voters

Assuming that this event was not just for Giuliani supporters, but was an outreach to Republican voters, each of the people who complained about the rudeness were prospective Ron Paul supporters, and a missed oportunity. Someone should really have stopped to talk to them.

There's a happy medium. Of course the best thing would be for Ron Paul to have so much of his own press coverage that we wouldn't have a need to chase it!


What do you think?

I was there myself...

and YES....I would normally agree. and WE DID talk to those people, and got some really good responses. Yet....I also know that those people who were there are what you could call "beyond hope". They were the die-hard Giuliani supporters. I don't think anything would sway them at this point.

It's the media attention that is most important. In that respect I believe it was a HUGE success.

Check Out Photos!

Yes, a picture paints a thousand words. Click on the photo section of the article and see all the RP supporters sporting their bright blue signs!
Wish we could have been there.

Those pics are great!

I'm from Marietta GA and I can't believe I missed this! I need to stay on top of my Ron Paul meetups!

Anyway, those are some great pics.

To find the pics:

1. Click the AJC link ( to open the AJC article.

2. Then, click Photo Gallery (under the pic of Giuliani).

Pics 2, 3, and 4.


Here's a YouTube video.

The main thing to see is how few supporters Giuliani has. If Ron Paul showed up in the Marietta Square we would have had a thousand people show up.

I think it's great to show up at events like this with signs but I don't think we should be intrusive and disruptive. I don't think Ron Paul would do it that way.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Giuliani Claims "Bin Ladin has been caught. Absolutely."

In the gootooble posted by Maitski,

Giuliani claims "Bin Ladin has been caught. absolutely."


Catch the sound bite complete with Giuliani's moving lips approximately 2:30 into the video.

The r3VOLution will not be televised. It will be uploaded.

Probably should listen again

I'm pretty sure that he said Bin Laden has to be caught, not has been caught. I despise the guy but I also dislike misquoting people. I don't think it was intentional but we should be careful about facts.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Listened 6 times

You can easily follow his lips, too.

"Bin ladin has been caught. Absolutely."

Not 'has to be caught', clearly he says "has been caught".

The R3VOLUTION will not be televised. It will be uploaded.

The r3VOLution will not be televised. It will be uploaded.