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Check it out! Here is the list of Senators that voted today, to Defund Acorn!

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was a non-vote! Wonder what the non-votes were about.

Thanks for

posting this update...

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What was the bill number?

I went to Thomas library and they have 2 bills presented by Vitter back in February and March of 2009. Those bills were for something similar to this. Why did Vitter chose to not vote today???

Go to: http://thomas.loc.gov/ and search for ACORN, and 2 bills come up authored by Vitter.

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Huh,I was expecting some

Huh,I was expecting some cheerleaders stating how we should send thank you notes and how they should be re-elected.
It's still early though...

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But of course....

Both my Senators are voted no....Hellinois is a breeding ground for this type of crap... Atleast Burris is gone in 2010... Now we can focus on good old DICK Durbin...

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"......

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"......

Burr didnt vote

That man always sits back to play wait and see to make sure hes not stepping on toes while collecting a kick back

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thanks for the list.

Pretty overwhelming decision.

Who's website is this?

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Your welcome Thundercloud

Acorn is probably working Overtime to night shreding documents ,at tax payers expence.

They are thinking--if they vote to defund Acorn, that we will

not be paying attention to what else they do for awhile! Let's show them WE ARE WATCHING what they do ALL THE TIME!

McCain had to ride the fence

And dammit, I just hate seeing a Rockefeller on the list. That name should be reviled in this nation.

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