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judge tosses birther suit threatens threatens lawyer with sanctions


A federal judge in Georgia has threatened Orly Taitz, de facto leader of the birther movement, with sanctions if she ever brings another “frivolous” case before him, news reports say.
i knew she went to far with fake kenyan birth certificate.


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Misstep after misstep.

Misstep after misstep. The date on that cert was not even European format.

I thought the lawsuit was

I thought the lawsuit was about being a natural born citizen , not about whether he was born on American soil.
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Wonder if this means

Orly Taitz suit is totally over? Oh, no, I see this is a different issue. Another soldier not wanting to take orders. Hmm, one soldier has already won on this issue. Wonder why this one didn't. But the California lawsuit is still on the docket.

Yes, the

one is still on the docket...
I will be watching this--as stated before, I am suspicious of this whole scenario since finding out Orly's husband has Big Pharma/vaccine ties...

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I was really hoping she'd be able to get somewhere with all of this. . . . I'd like to know one way or the other if he is legal. Not that it would make much difference, but I'd still like to know.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

She's killed the "birthers"

I tried to warn everybody she was controlled but she seemed so, i don't know, sane?

Her motives, I believe

were less from a consitutional concern and came more from an irrational Islamaphobic ideaology. ( IMO )

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She seems childlike, posting

She seems childlike, posting all her famous facebook friends on her web page. I thought she would have checked before believing them to be the actual persons behind the name, but she believed it w/out checking, just like the birth certificates.

Her job is to make "birthers" look absolutely stupid and crazy

In that regard, she's doing a great job.

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