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There are several positions missing from your election ballot that noone has

brought to your attn... We vote on our elected representatives & we're supposed to, but we don't vote on alot of people that make decisions for us & we should, we must. There are a dozen or so people that sit on the Senate Judiciary committee, on every committee, there are sub-committees. These people make plenty of decisions for us, yet they have never received our vote, only of their own District/ state. Politicians should campaign for their committee spots, whether they be state or federal, just like they seek election/ re-election. Why should there be any committee unless the nation has voted on its members, not that they're there b/c they've gotten re-elected in their own District & that's all they had to do, nonsense! These need to be new positions that are created on your ballot & your going to have to talk to your state reps about it & Congress/ Senate. That makes 2 positions they have to campaign for, not just 1. NO WONDER THE AUDIT THE FED HAS TAKEN THIS LONG TO HAVE A HEARING & NO WONDER THE FED STILL EXISTS.

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