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US to Shelve Europe Missile Shield Plans

The White House will shelve U.S. plans to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, a move likely to ease tensions with Russia, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The decision will be based on a U.S. "determination that Iran's long-range missile program has not progressed as rapidly as previously estimated, reducing the threat to the continental U.S. and major European capitals," the paper said.

It said the findings were expected to be completed as early as next week following a 60-day review ordered by President Barack Obama. The paper cited unnamed current and former U.S. officials for the report.


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O...please Russia, allow us to attack Iran.

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Not sure what to make of this. On principle sounds like a step in the right direction, but that just raises a flag about an administration that has been about anything but stepping in the right direction. There's plenty of reasons why it's a wise move, but the stated reasons appear pretty thin. What's motivating the decision and how significant is this missle defense policy?

Try to look at things from the perspective

of the powers that be. They're walking a tightrope right now to try and preserve their power. They'd like to include Russia in their plans for a new world order but at the same time they're beholden to domestic defense lobbyists who at the same time want more handouts in the form of a contract to build this missile defense system. Being a tyrant is not an easy job. A government that steals from peter to pay paul can always count on paul's support, but when that government is no longer capable of paying paul, that support is gone. The U.S. government has made so many promises to so many special interests that it's having a hard time juggling all those interests and still advancing its agenda. Just look at the health care debate. The Obama administration made promises to Labor Unions to get a public option but he also made promises to Insurance and Drug companies to keep the corporate welfare coming. Unfortunatly, the two cannot really coexist perfectly and the Obama administration is trying to hammer out a deal to appease both constituencies and keep his power base intact. Did you really believe the health care bill was being stalled because the country suddenly discovered the virtues of Capitalism?


I think you're right. Sounds like political twister, right foot green, left hand blue, left foot... oh crap

This is also the reason

why I'm not nearly as paranoid about the New World Order as some of the other people here. Sure there are politicians and CEO's scheming and making backroom deals to try and put together a one world government that none of us are going to like, but that's not an easy thing to do and they're going to run into a bunch of pitfalls where they're going to have to deal with infighting and dissent from people who are looking out for themselves. All we really need to do is shine some sunlight on all of this and teach people how an economy really works and what's going on. The people we teach will then use the information for their own benefit to try and look out for themselves, and then we can just sit back and watch the Oligarchy self-destruct.

It's good to hear some news

that doesn't foreshadow the apocalypse for once.