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The Iran Whisperers

Despite what the Kristol mob would have you believe, neither U.S. intelligence nor the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found any evidence that Iran presently has an active nuclear weapons program. Reports to the contrary generally come from sources in the Israeli government who lie like other people blink and who, like Kristol, have entirely too much influence on U.S. foreign policy. Rumors in both the mainstream and right-wing press that Iran already knows how to make a nuclear weapon and is just waiting for go-ahead from Grand Ayatollah Kahmeni to slap one together also originated in Israel and they’re bunk. Accusations that Iran is not cooperating with the IAEA are specious as well.

As I’ve said many times, the Iranians would be foolish to acquire a nuclear weapon. It would be tantamount to painting a bull’s eye on their backs. The Israelis (and we) would have a perfect excuse to blow their entire nuclear industry to smithereens. And as I’ve also said many times, with peak oil either here or just around the corner, it’s the energy, not a weapon, that makes Iran’s nuclear program worth having.

Iran’s army can’t operate more than a few miles beyond its borders, its navy can’t do much outside the Persian Gulf and its air force doesn’t have enough spare parts to launch more than a few aircraft at a time.

The Bush administration never proved a single one of its countless accusations that Iran was arming Shi’ite militias in Iraq. The person single-handedly responsible for arming both sides of the civil war was "Teflon General" David Petraeus.

And oh, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never said that "Israel must be wiped off the map."

Militarily, Iran isn’t a threat to anyone, and certainly not to Israel, which is too far away from it. Iran’s naval forces might embarrass us in the Gulf if we strike them preemptively for no good reason, but there’s an easy way to avoid that: we don’t strike them preemptively for no good reason.

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Well, I certainly don't advocate attacking Iran,

but common sense tells me that obtaining nuclear weapons is the best deterrent to subjugation of the U.S. empire.

All countries want nuclear weapons, because then the U.S. will no longer be able to pick on them.

When has the U.S. ever attacked a country with nuclear capability?

The answer is never.

Did we attack Russian when they shot down the KAL Airliner?

Did we ever attack China?

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. Iran is not stupid. They know they can't win a war with the U.S. They know they can't win a nuclear war most of all. But they also know, that having just one nuclear bomb, will make it difficult for the playground bully.

We just went through a cold war with the "soviets", and I no longer fear nuclear annihilation by a U.S./Soviet(Russian) conflict, because we have both realized the insanity of the outcome, and have both extended the olive branch of hope.

Likewise, our government should not seek to dominate Iran for oil and resources, but rather we should extend friendship for mutual security.

Bump! For Peace!

Support TALKS with Iran not BOMBS!!


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