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Dr. Mercola put this video about H1N1 on his site.

this is another one for learning from dr. mercola~

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It's more than

Just depopulation. It's about eradicating the smallest populations of races.
The races of ayrans. The white races. It's as plain as the nose on your face. These jesuit satanists have been trying to eradicate white anglo-saxon bloodline since biblical times. They had Jesus killed, because he brought the truth and he KNEW the truth of them and they're serpent seedline. Now they want to eradicate his bloodline of ppls. He spoke many times to them saying, "you are of your father ( the devil ) and the truth is not in you" ect. Jesus was NOT a jew, he was a GENTILE. There is a parable in the bible that speaks of this. The word jew wasn't even put in the bible until 500 yrs ago.

They have created so many deceptions to eradicate the white races. They use all methods to achieve this, endless wars, they pitt other races against the anglo-saxon races, pitt us against each other, they use diseases via vaccinations, they poison the air, water, and food. They use eugenics, by using these methods they are killing off the dwindling races first. They leave the borders open and pourous in all countries with anglo-saxon populations. They promote multiculturism and racial diversity, and inter racial unions, while they forbid it for they're own people.

This satanistic bloodline ( from cain ) one in which pre-dates babylon and egypt, will then come after the other races of people enslaving and killing them until they dominate the world.