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Uncle Sam Eyes Vehicle Tracking Tax


A Member of Congress proposes to use taxpayer money to fund the development of technology to track motorists as part of a new form of taxation. US Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) introduced H.R. 3311 earlier this year to appropriate $154,500,000 for research and study into the transition to a per-mile vehicle tax system. The “Road User Fee Pilot Project” would be administered by the US Treasury Department. This agency in turn would issue millions in taxpayer-backed grants to well-connected commercial manufacturers of tolling equipment to help develop the required technology. Within eighteen months of the measure’s passage, the department would file an initial report outlining the best methods for adopting the new federal transportation tax.

“Oregon has successfully tested a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) fee, and it is time to expand and test the VMT program across the country,” Blumenauer said in a statement on the bill’s introduction. “A VMT system can better assess fees based on use of our roads and bridges, as well as during times of peak congestion, than a fee based on fuel consumption. It is time to get creative and find smart ways to rebuild and renew America’s deteriorating infrastructure.”

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Vehicle Emissions Fines to follow this

If they can actually pass this, fines for OBD II emissions codes will not be far behind. This is actually suggested as part of OBD III, On-Board Diagnostics (version 3). This bill would give them the means to implement OBD III on a national scale. And guess where OBD III is currently in the formative stages... Kalifornia. No surprise there.

Basically if you engine light is on (1996 and new vehicles) for an emission code (catalytic converter not efficient, etc.), their sensor along the highways would pick this up and you would get a stinky gram in the mail for a fine.

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This guy has his priorities as straight as a pretzel

Is he a cosponsor of HR1207? Nope. Does the government (and the people!) need to know what the central bankers have done with the money supply? Hell no! Does the government need to track every citizen's movements so they can tax them? Yes yes yes!

There is nothing

that the Democrats don't want to tax and control.

Republicans aren't far behind.

I don't care how well-intentioned it might be. It's diabolical.

...and Blumenauer is a disgrace to propose such a thing.

Edit- Upon further examination of the article, I think this clue toward the end might hold the secret to his motivation:

"Many of his largest campaign donors stand to benefit from his newly introduced legislation."

Tracking system

Just for those who did not know, the Tracetec chip or device is not a Satelite Tracking system but works on transmitters and responders throughtout the country.

dodge ram 4.7 radiator

Nip It! Nip it in the bud!

This is one proposal that most Americans will overwhelmingly oppose, if they are aware of it.

They have had fuel tax on

They have had fuel tax on interstate trucks for decades...Every state imposes on trucking...This would be another killer of jobs for sure..
Don't laugh too loud you might awaken legislators.
Good people do Good deeds
Good people make it happen

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Ha...

good luck morons...
The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.


I am laughing because I don't own a car...they can't get me!
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Oh, wait. What's this in the fine print of the proposal?

(Jiminy gets out the magnifying glass...)

Something about...tracking chips also to be imbedded into German Organic Beer cans?

Hehe. Just kidding.

I'm laughing because I know everything about vehicles...

how they operate and how to make them operate with out any useless garbage the government decides to add... I may just start driving my restored vintage autos around... screw the bastards...
The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.