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Is anyone else tired of people always playing the Race Card!

This had been going on for years - everytime someone disagrees with a person of a different color, they automatically play the Race Card.

This country has one of the most diverse racial compositions in history but the issue has become such a crutch and now a trump card for everything under the sun. You can bet every time you disagree with BO, regardless of the issue, someone will inevitably go to the old stand by - and all I wanta scream IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? - GET OVER IT DUDE!

Whether it's the joker, ace of space or the race card - the truth trumps them all!

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When people use the race card

They know that it is an automatic stoping point to most people,why debate it or try to prove you are not a racest, they are going to think what ever they want to think no matter what you say. by the way I'm Part Indian on my mothers side and my fathers side owned plantations in the south so I'm a hinz 57 American and proud of it. I can technically say my indian family members where here before everyone else showed up. Hell O's related to Cheney&Bush. I will stop ranting now. They can kiss my --- you fill in the blank. Peace

It is overplayed now....

Racism now just means "I disagree with whomever is in charge."

It doesn't even have anything to do with race anymore.

I think it's funnier than hell, personally.

They so over-used the card that now USING it automatically discredits you with the majority of the American population.

So the only thing they have left to fight with is facts....

So this is going to get increasingly ugly.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

What dissapoints me the most,

is that Jimmy Carter, whom I know fought against racism in his community, came out and said that Joe Wilson's "you lie" comment was racially motivated.

In my opinion, Carter betrayed his own integrity for a political maneuver, and I had the utmost respect for him because of his work for Habitat for Humanity.

Calling a liar a liar is not racism in my opinion..

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MSM is the one playing it

every time someone of a different ethnicity talks about or another political figure, they bring it out. like that want to cause strife. Are they desperate for news?

The talking heads can't think,

They read whatever is in the prompter!



no kidding..

Im so sick of it.. I have alot.. ALOT of black friends. I get so sick of that crap with them and every Obamabot out there. You see it on all the leftie sites as soon as we dont agree with BO. Its 'They are upset because we have a black president.'

B.S.. Im upset because NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! Its the same policies only different schmuck. I could give two flying turds about skin color.

Principle counts. Where is he on the Patriot Act? Wants to extend it. Where is he on war? Wants to increase troops and keep 'peacekeepers' in Iraq. Combine that with Cap and Trade and govt take over of Healthcare and he is going to be worse than Carter.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I want to say

Call me the C word, the H word, the N word or the X word - I don't care, what difference does it make!

I'm just tired of people calling

the Kettle Obama.

He's half white and 43% Arab for pete's sake

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

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You want to end racism, just

You want to end racism, just say no ...I'm not playing that game..
White people elected a black President , what's wrong with the MSM senario ? Sounds to me like another excuse to call FEMA.
Good people do Good deeds
Good people make it happen

The race card is overplayed. Most Americans could give two

shits what color anyone is as long as they are pulling their weight and don't infringe on their freedoms. Being called a racist holds no water with me... I just laugh and say you don't even know me... My wife is Jewish and my nephew is half black... F' off
The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

I think Bob is ;)

Under Pressure

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!