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Voting-n-Lobbying Costs vs. the Cost of Self-Rule

Voting-n-Lobbying Costs vs. the Cost of Self-Rule
Election Cost vs. the Benefit of Entrepreneurialism

1) Every dollar spent on taxes is a dollar NOT GOING toward entrepreneurialism / job creation.

2) Every $1 spent on inflationary spending is $8 of debt -- Thus, 8 times the loss of entrepreneurliasm / job creation -AND- the formation of what RP/Mises calls "the business cycle"

Now the above two examples are easy to see (correct)?

Let's take it a step further: Where does inflationary spending come from?

It comes from Politicians "selling their vote" to the Fed and Corporatist (Abdication of Authority) -- is that easy to see? Do you feel any resistence (mentally) yet?

Where do Politicians get their power from?

It comes from Civilians paying "lobbyist" (ad-guys) to get a particular politician elected; furthermore, it requires a "vote" (an abdication of authority "self-rule" or the theft of anothers) to seal the deal. Does your mind allow you to make that leap or do you feel resistance at this point -- owing to the realization that I didn't make a 'distinction' between "good candidates vs bad candidates?

Follow the below link and look at all the money we (as Americans) spend on Elections. Then think of Infationary Spending and Voluntary Tax Revenue -- The Anti-Thesis of Counter-Economics or Self-Rule.

If we spend $5-6 billion on elections -- how much did the media spend covering them -- how much time do we spend debating points and counter-points?

What if all that money and mental karate went toward entrepreneurialism -- all of it?

Would we be in this mess?

The Cost of Voting / Lobbying

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