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Iran is toast I think

My gut is telling me there is a lot more to the missile shield being cancelled in Eastern Europe. I bet it was a US concession in order for Russia to turn a blind eye to the US/Israel bombing Iran. We'll see shortly. Oil futures I think would be a pretty good bet right now.

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there is no future


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I'm thinking that this decision ties in with Obama being the...

New Chairman of the U.N. Security Council involved with arms negotiation treaties. See link.



I hope you are wrong, but I understand what you're saying...

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just a tie in

I thought it might be a good place to tie in with another thread on the Expo for unmanned war machines.


I agree...

something is in the wind. An attack on Iran would likely result in an interruption of oil. What would happen to the U.S. Neo-economy if gas shot up to $6.00 of $7.00 a gallon? Who would benefit from an attack on Iran and the aftermath...The Iranian's are not going to sit back and take it...especially with our troops tied down on three fronts.

Hmmm...The illuminati has a motto...."order out of chaos"

Is chaos coming?


Your idea makes sense to me, too. Let's see what happens.