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Beck gave props to Ron Paul on foreign policy today

Sort of. Basically he says he used to think Ron Paul was a crackpot when it comes to foreign policy but now he is starting to see things Ron Paul's way. He even says pull the troops out of Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan. He's been saying this stuff a lot lately. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FuEWxTvRGY

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Beck is tracking...

our comments here and checking to see if we are buying his crapola. We ain't....except for a few fools. Is there anything this guy won't do?

Beck = NeoCon ....always was always will be.

Beck is not our friend...he is the pied piper of NeoConservatism...follow Beck at your own peril...he will sell you out in a heartbeat.


Didn't this guy just get a

Didn't this guy just get a fifty million dollar contract?

I DO view this clip as a

I DO view this clip as a positive. I am not unaware of the GOOD things that Beck has done. However, talk is cheap. When he refuses to support warmongering candidates, I will buy into the "new" Beck.

Ventura 2012

He was even arguing with his producers!

Say what you want but I believe Glenn is waking up.

Beck has changed a lot in the last 2 years

really Dr. Paul and Beck disagreed the most was over foreign policy, Beck is starting to come around. I think Beck is starting to understand "Blowback"

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground."

Well, I guess he called that one.

JimBrown: Beck is forgiven when he leaves the Media

He is a faker -- How can you not see it?

He just recently "faked tears" -- he is a sensationalist and sensationalist can never be relied on in the long-run.

He DOES NOT agree with Ron Paul over Foreign Interventionism because he never believed his original 'view' -- he used that view to get to the top of conservative media.

He is a sell-out and has NO POSITION -- He's an actor / chameleon.

He is not to be trusted -- EVER.

He will "turn" it when/if the money tells him too.

You will see "the turn" if Ron runs again for President.


"he never believed his

"he never believed his original 'view' -- he used that view to get to the top of conservative media."

great point.

Ventura 2012

Glenn Beck = Judas Goat

"Baaa...Baaa," bleats the Judas Goat. Follow me. I'm like you. I know where we're going. Come this way. Follow me.

Still very worried

The MSM still has a grip. It can still crown kings and will unless we can really protect this message. The day my heart breaks is when the message we send is hijacked by whoever.

I want to trust Beck. He still has to keep this up for quite a while to make me a true believer.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


The Ron Paul Movement is infiltrating the minds of these neo-cons almost like how they influenced progressives like me back during the campaign

Glenn Beck is forgiven when he walks away!

When you are a potent Media Figure -- And you foment Wars and Millions Die -- You must Retire to "humble" Reflection.

Humility is the speed and ability at recognizing and submitting to Truth.

Wisdom is the anticipation of consequences.

Therefore Beck has neither and why is he our "representative" -- we put him there.


Well - it's like this:

These days - if you don't listen to what Dr. Paul has to say & at least understand what he says (if not agree), then you appear an idiot. The message is logical & intelligent. If you continue to ignore it & not acknowledge it, you'd be a fool. Who could take you seriously then? Dr. Paul is becoming almost as trendy as Barry was a year ago. But in an intelligent & positive & Constitutional way. He's making it Cool to be a Constitutionally Proud American again. :)

Even the Obomba-New-Demo-loving MSNBC is hopping on Ron Paul's coat-tails.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Last part

I didn't like his last part that much, but he's still moving in the right direction.

I think the war of terror should be a law enforcement issue not a "war."

Plus belonging to a group does not automatically make you guilty either nor is the Taliban the same thing as the Al Qaeda.

did I just hear that?

yes, I think I did. we need to give people time folks. yes, I know it is both frustrating as well as depressing. but the fact is, here it is a full year later, we are still here and we are growing.

" the important thing is to never stop questioning, curiousity, has it's own reason for existing..
Albert Einstien

Here another thought

a small revelation if you will....
i think he is trying to set up someone for an Independent Third Party ....
and it will be a neo-con Republican ... but they are using him to tap into and try to lure, fake, etc... the real Independents including Libertarians, Constitutitonalists, Green Party etc... to try to get behind their product.
Not buying it!

you don't have to buy it.

beck wants to drag the constitution into the conversation, oblige him.
make it so he can't ignore Ron Paul.
i see very few of us commenting on his 912project page.
he can use us or we can use him. that's our decision.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

i agree .. im going to

i agree .. im going to become a 912 forum poster now =]

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Listen to this guy with great caution!

boy - he is saying everything RP has said over 30 years .... all the times he was interviewed - he criticized Ron's philosophy of non interventionism -
is this trendy to pretend he now agrees - he is getting paid alot more money now pehaps to say this stuff .... he is a flip flop as the majority of
presidential candidates.

I don't buy the guy one second ..... I'm glad he is saying some of this stuff only because the neo-cons will get to hear this ... but they will soon right him off - for being non-interventionist .... my guess is he is only non interventionist today ... tune in tomorrow ... and we gotta go in there and ...

Now If he can just see that 911 was an inside Job

He'll be 90% there

Does Ron Paul see "that 9/11 was an inside job?

Sitting here in Norway reading what some of you guys are saying on this forum, I am some times getting depressed. First off, let me assure you that I am a Ron Paul supporter. Am I 100% convinced that 9/11 was an inside job? No, I am not. But, I am still asking a lot of questions! All the time! Something smells there.

Now, on the issue with Glenn Beck. Some of you write stuff here like you really hate the guy! Like there is no forgiving or understanding or no chance for him at all! How stupid can you guys be??

What is the purpose of this movement? Tell me? PLEASE?

1) How are you going to have any hopes of growing this if people are not permitted to change their minds, one step at the time? Can any of you tell me this? Please?

2) Would things in regard to the issues of freedom, undermining the constitution, the nations spending of money, etc. etc. be BETTER if Glenn Beck did not do what he is doing in front of millions of viewers every day?
Are any of you able to get on FOX and accomplish the same exposure to these questions? Tell me! Please!!

I do not believe that Glenn Beck is a liar and/or guilt of treason as so many of you claim. I have on several occasions seen you use OLD video tapes of him to prove your point. Tapes from before he started to change his mind. And you are accusing others of wrongdoings? Give me a break!!

You guys are only accomplishing two things: a) You produce disrespect for the Ron Paul movement. b) You create conflict among yourself.

I am sitting here in Norway looking at the country I used to love so much go to the dogs! And I am sitting here watching that the one group of people over there who might have a shot of turning things around, are being so hateful towards a person who might not be 100% on the side of each one of you all the time, but who truly could accomplish a lot more than you ever will.

What a tragedy!



He's not out of the oven yet

He's still half baked, but he's sounding better all the time. Everyone is. I like it.

The media has been giving Ron, Rand, Schiff, the constitution and HR 1207 great exposure lately. The Fed, Acorn, corrupt politicians, the failed policies and philosophies having been getting the negative attention they deserve. People are waking up. The information is getting out there. Thanks to all of you who've been down fighting in the trenches spreading liberty for all these years. One day America will honor you for your sacrifices and efforts to keep this nation free. Keep the pressure on! We're getting there! Great week for liberty!

Glen, now do it on Television

That would be a little more convincing..Body language and all.
and, hooked up to a polygraph..if you don't mind..:)

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.


It was hard for me to change my mind and get completely on board with the good doctor. Beck is on a path that will lead him to the same place that most of us on DP are already. I remember that it was quite difficult for me to admit that we aren't always the good guy. I grew up with Marine stories from my dad, then made some of my own in the Corps. Both my father and I truly meant what we said when we took our oath to defend the constitution . This kind of idealistic mentality is very hard to break, but once it starts, you can't stop until you see the naked emperor.

Really good point

This is so true. And also, it has been drilled into our heads, "Kill the infidel." We think we need to kill Muslims because of this. That needs to be redefined. The, "Better for the US to be in control that these other countries." Well that was true when we were principled, if we ever really were. But the people in control now have no principles.

good for him

what about iraq........?
if he starts wising up its going to be hard to disassociate with him... then we really will have a kook on our side. ha
"The Myth of an Independent Federal Reserve"

He seems to at least

He seems to at least understand where we've been coming from, and that is always a good start...

Inch by Inch


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Well, thats a step!!

I would really gain some respect for him if he continues to wake up on foreign policy!

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"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd