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Why third party voting makes sense

If you're a republican and just want to pressure the R party but still want them in power, then third party voting probably doesn't make sense. It probably just helps the Dems.

However, if you despise the republicans yet don't like the dems as the offered alternative then it makes sense.

If I HAD to choose between Obama and McCain, I would have gone with Obama.

However, luckily Baldwin and Paul were running the the general and primary.

So this stuff about third parties just helping the Dems is baloney.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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I agree....

I don't think the republicans can win without independents. I voted for Ron in the primary and Baldwin in the general election. We MUST continue to punish the republicans by withholding our votes. We must continue to sabotage the GOP until every last NeoConservative is gone...and a libertarian minded attitude returns to the GOP. When the GOP adopts a platform that is in line with Ron Paul's vision of republicanism...then I will come home...until then...I will vote 3rd party and I not support ANY incumbants.

The GOP = Kill people and make money for the benefit of the shalomsters.

No Thanks

Jesse Ventura 2012


I must say, at first I agreed with Dr. Paul. I thought it would be more fruitful to move within one of the two dominant parties.

Then I read Thomas Paine, Dissertations on Government, The affairs of the Bank and Paper Money. In which he writes,

"...it naturally presents itself that the people in their original compact of equal justice or the first principles of a republic, renounced, as despotic, detestable and unjust, the assuming a right of breaking and violation their engagements, contracts and compacts with, or defrauding, imposing or tyrannizing over each other, and therefore the representatives cannot make an act to do it for them, and any such kind of act would be an attempt to depose not the personal sovereign, but the sovereign principle of a republic, and to introduce despotism in its stead." page 12

"By this mutual compact, the citizens of a republic put it out of their power, that is, they renounce, as detestable, the power of exercising, at any future time, any species of despotism over each other, or doing a thing not right in itself, because a majority of them may have stength of numbers sufficient to accomplish it.
In this pledge and compact lies the foundation of the republic." page 10

Badda - boom - badda - bing! For the first time I clearly understand who must individually uphold the oath to the principles of liberty and justice.

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My friend Nelson Hultberg has written an excellent book on precisely this subject:


He's the man.


I say vote for the man who is not CFR no matter where he chooses to run. We had no say on where Dr. Paul ran.


My biggest issue is not "CFR."

I just vote for anti-government types who support an non-interventionist foreign policy. Paul and Baldwin fit the bill for me.

Same difference

CFR is shorthand for what you said.