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For those of you who are without courage, shy or are otherwise skeptical about becoming a patriot

All of us have our different comfort levels about the things we do. There is room in the patriot community for everybody. Once you do small things, you can incrementally find yourself having the courage to do bigger things. You can start by having a bumper sticker or wearing a substantive t-shirt/ sweater to the mall or other places you go shopping. You can start by attending a CFL or Constitution Party meeting in your area, you can start by becoming a registered member of this website & either commenting on posts or making your own by telling us about something we wouldn't have otherwise found out about. It helps to comment on posts to let posters know that someone is reading their articles. You could be that person in your community who makes change happen when no one else is willing to do it, the things I do I do not out of my own free will but b/c no one else does. Maybe you could simply share hard hitting news stories/ info. about patriotic organizations w/ your e-mail list and someone else will catch on, even if you don't feel like it, don't want to, don't have the time/ resources.


1 clever/ creative suggestion: If you deliver newspapers in a box, you could start by every now & then passing out a piece of literature, they won't know who put it in there. If you need help or want feedback w/ your particular situation, leave a comment & the DPers will try to help you. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO MAKE A COMMENT, but the registration process is nothing to complain about.

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Great Post!!!

I'm a very introverted person, I'd be a great candidate for social anxiety disorder medicine, but I'd never take anything like that. I actually get close to fainting when I interact with people sometimes, I literally get dizzy, unable to focus on what's being said to me, and my peripheral vision gets fuzzy. This condition has actually improved in the last six months due proper nutrition (thanks for that DPers!), but it still comes on at times.

Despite this, I am a very active member in my local Constitution group. Mell_o_Drama is correct when he (or she) says you get better at in-person activism through practice.

I remember when we first started getting information tables at our local gun shows, I was scared to go; I thought we'd be run out of the place by Neocons. Two years (and thousands of DVDs) later, every gun show around here is a virtual freedom fest. There's a Libertarian Party table, a Tea Party table, a John Birch Society table, and of course; us.

I have now gotten to the point where I can walk up to anyone and hand them a DVD, and explain to them why the DVD is important, but it took practice to get to that point.

Repecting myself

I made a comment a while back about breaking away from WalMart and other chain stores as much as you can...and start supporting local businesses...and each time you and others who support Freedom, the Constitution, Bill of Rights...etc..etc..you share information with them..get to know them...wake them up...in time ask if they would display/give away things like..pocket size copies of the Constitution...stickers...information on whats really in the H1N1 shot and why people shouldnt take it.
Most of what I got in return was a lot of back lash for saying people shouldnt shop at WalMart
But I still go by what I said..and I have slowing been doing it..Im in a very small town...but in the past 6 or 7 months doing this..so far about 30 maybe 35 people are turning on and tuning in to sweet music FREEDOM
I saw about half at the last Tea Party...a few told me they have gotten their families into it...

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Thanks Mell_o_drama great post

I like the welcoming attitude. I watched the dp for about a year before I logged in and joined the conversation. To tell you the truth I was a little intimidated, everyone knows so much and has years in the fight for liberty. I remember before the elections, a newly awakened sheep, I followed a link here. I was scared. I literally felt like the feds we're going to come kick down my door and hall me away for accessing this site and learning about all this truth. Hahaha. Well no doubt we're all on a list anyway. But now I come here all the time, it's my main source of news that matters. (I have about 15 other DP tabs in the queue right now)
It's incredible what goes on a daily basis and the MSM never covers it, not even a word. There's great articles here and the discussions are top notch. As I learn and I try to do a little more every day to help spread the word, support candidates and wake people up. I'm not very good yet, but you guys help a lot. It's starting to make a difference with family and friends and they are starting to come around. Thanks everyone! Join the fight and the fun on the Daily Paul new people!

Really great post!

Yes, come on in, the water is fine
Hang out in the shallow end if you like.

I've been noticing more comments from new people lately. I'm loving it.
The increased diversity of ideas is the main reason I've been posting more over the last few months.
I'm sure there are lots of folks feeling alienated by the mainstream two-headed party monster we've allowed to run (or ruin) this awesome country of ours. That's how I got here.. Democrat for a while, Republican for a while..It was easy enough to switch parties, due to such a lack of differences. Now this..a Non-homogenized group with one common goal..Personal Liberty. I'm home.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.