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Pick a SIDE!

Every week - we in this movement are given a new incentive - a reason to CHOOSE(for lack of a better analogy) - the side of Alex Jones - or the Fox News Channel & the GOP that their gaterkeepers are clearly saying - WILL NOT welcome truth-tellers!

I want the Campaign for Liberty to publicly announce WHICH SIDE they are on - because bad company corrupts good morals.

Glenn Beck/John Stossel, call himself a Libertarian, for the sake of infiltration - you don't think that Campaign for Liberty at the top wants a place on the Fox News Channel?

Now WATCH this - this morning, watching Fox & Friends -

Fox News is playing the "Woe is me" game this morning - trying to drum up sympathy - "the Obama Administration is attacking our network for not covering him this weekend" - then they trot out former press secretary Dana Perino under Bush to puff up the Fox News morning panel and tell them that Fox's ratings were the highest during Obama's address to Congress about a week or so ago about Health Care Reform.

MEDIA GAMES - people will LIE to us in order to MANIPULATE us and appear to be on our side - especially when they have all the money in the world to do so(that the Federal Reserve prints out of this air).

Under George Bush Sr., under Clinton, under "W", or under Obama - ya think?

I am still trusting in Alex Jones' total commitment to our side - BUT...BUT...I am ever mindful that Obama and the Democrats are GLEEFUL that the "conservative/constitutional/right/limited government" side of things is SPLIT between Alex Jones and Fox News/Corporate-owned conservative media.

13 - 1/2 months until the next election - WHAT are we going to do - to make a REAL push of independent candidates - to totally discredit the Republican Party that is still a top-down run political party?

Even if Campaign for Liberty were to succeed in taking over a few local parties at various county levels - once a "Republican" in name only is elected - that local party will be hit with temptations untold from the top to tow the neo-con/NWO line - or certain individuals will have the IRS or other regulatory agencies sicked on them if they will not comply with the "agenda".

We have a LOT of work to do! A lot of HARD WORK - notifying every military person more educated in international laws rather than the Supreme Law of the land to Oath Keepers - same with local law enforcement - WARN THEM, eventually the Federal Reserve dollars they are paid, and have their retirement tied up in with will all be GONE after they do the bidding of the New World Order and "remove the trouble makers" from the workplace, and from their neighborhoods where they are reaching their neighbors, families, friends and fellow church members with the TRUTH.

It is worth a serious discussion - a serious strategy must EMERGE for us all to follow if we are to defeat eventually, what Gerald Celeste calls this two-headed ONE PARTY monster...

Correspondence Committees - in case they do shut down the internet, or kill Alex' radio show.(Don't forget the BUT - the Democrats - the NWO know the divide is there between TRUE patriots and traditional conservatives).

Fox is powerfully driving this wedge, compelling and persuading people to join THEM - based on voter apathy - there are MORE potential voters to WAKE UP to what is going on in this country than Fox News or other MSM outlets have viewers.

If we manage to take 218 House seats in the Federal Legislature - we could seriously begin the generational battle to SAVE THIS NATION - it took these 60's radicals 50 YEARS to get control of EVERYTHING from academia to the White House - it will take us that long to.

This is ground zero - these arrogant types in power are still laughing at us - we MUST grow stronger every WEEK, and do more and more and more.

It might costs you your JOB to talk about this at work, it WILL strain your family relationships, it will cost you lifelong friendships and your attachments to IDOLS such as sports, gambling, smoking, letting your hair down and getting drunk a couple times a month - you have to FORSAKE all of that!

C'mon guys! Seriously - C'mon!

Help us get this thing off the ground - Sam Ettaro's RepublicTV - The Values Voters crowd is going to be led to go with Fox News' Huckabee - I am a fundamentalist Christian - but I FEAR a "Christian" Totalitarian State - that is what our founders FLED from - and Huckabee is compromised in my book!


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Just stay on course with our

message with RP as our example.

You won't take 218 house seats as long as the districts are

so large. See our other thread on size of the house. (actually, the size of the house isn't important so much as the size of the districts.)

Constituency size is key. Right now, you need about $1 million and 100,000 - 150,000 votes to win a Congressional Race.

If we can fix districts to 50,000 people you would need about 10,000 votes and a WHOLE lot less money to win. (you could canvass a district of 50,000 people personally so it wouldn't take the $10 a vote you need right now with media buys)

Until then, forget taking over Washington to fix anything.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is selling some tainted Kool-Aid.

He's like the Jim Jones of radio.


"I want the Campaign for Liberty to publicly announce WHICH SIDE they are on - because bad company corrupts good morals."

So the C4L is bad because, in your mind they "might" want to spread their message on a large network? Not even worth addressing

And if you think any conservative group is "split" between fox and infowars, you are batty. Although infowars appears to be strong here, it's just because 30-50 posters here are in love with them and are very vocal and it is not worth fighting with them because it goes in circles. Infowars might get .05% of conservatives on their side of the split, and fox, closer to 80%. Those are my guesses, but I'm pretty confident in those made up numbers.

Talk about divisive for the sake of being divisive.

C4L PICK A SIDE, or how about you be a grown up and realize that everyone makes their own decisions, and trying to drag us, the C4L and Ron Paul into your personal war on fox news is not only dumb, selfish and closeminded, it is also contemptible

Pick a Side?

how dare you throw an ultimatum and then have the hypocrisy to say that the News Media is the one that divides and we are not making head way.

Rethink your message. Horrible delivery Imho.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Dead Wrong!

You clearly see what is going on here - and the Democrats are LAUGHING at us!

What it is going to be?

A Third Party - or - take over the GOP?

That is not close minded! The third party is NOT going to be the Alex Jones Party either!

But it sure isn't going to be a stealth takeover of the Republican Party either that risks being dragged right back into Molech worship!

I am unemployed - for almost a YEAR now - you don't think I already KNOW my talent, and passion could be "discovered" and USED by the GOP to promote seemingly what is Liberty?

I wouldn't DARE share a stage or a party affiliation with a group of liars!

If our little group were to succeed in taking back TOTAL 100% control of the County Republican Party - and they tapped me to run for elective office - I would do so with their commitment to work HARD to get me elected - EVER MINDFUL that the State Chairman, CFR Member, would certainly be PISSED at me if I started spouting what Ron Paul and this movement has taught me - I would expect to be taken down by my own party, from ABOVE - and I would be ever mindful, that a Judas Goat could emerge from those who strove with me to succeed me.

Look at what Fox is doing - look HOW C4L wants very little to do with individuals who are governed by the same faith in Christ that the founders had because religion is divisive at the SAME TIME it is stamped all over our nation's history!

Huckabee is compromised - he denied creation - the Republicans don't want me because I am intolerant on my abortion position - that they have done NOTHING to curb in this country in decades; the Libertarians don't want me because I reject Evolution Theory and do not want that Religion taught in our schools with our tax dollars!

I am a religious zealot who wants to do something about our country - and I am here to say that Alex Jones' NEWS and VIEWS are incompatable with Fox News' version of NEWS and VIEWS.

We are ALL individuals - and the media is meddling in our struggle for liberty - so the ultimatum MUST be made - Liberty, or a perpetual theater of well-funded non-reality and fake issues?

The New World Order is loving this divide - Don't mix the white paint of God-given Liberty with the Black paint of deception!

Well can have your liberty.

I'll take Freedom. Oh and in case you missed it religion affiliation is another wedge the NWO uses as division.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

What gives you the impression the founders were Christians?

All the art and symbols in DC are pagan and masonic. If the founders had actually been Christians I think things may be different now.

oh, it all makes sense now,

you are a creationist. disregard all of my earlier posts. Good luck with that

I am with you on this

I am with you on this subject 100%, however, you need to consider that at the NE regional conference, their political stratigen teacher all but refuted third party as viable ..This leaves me personally with no where to turn as I will not go back to Republicans that SPIT in my face ..I left that Party years ago when I was all but castrated when running for a local office ..Their local rule is no better that the Democrats when it comes to EXCLUSION..Just what they are doing to RON PAUL & those who are labeled truthers & birthers .Everyone is AMERICAN citizens.TheREP. party does't want to seem crazy & they fall for the Democrats controlling their thought..Intelligence is NOT soverign to any Party or level of education ..I'll put my IQ up against any ..IQ is the measure of intelligence & not Education level..Send idiots to school & you end up with educated idiots , plan & simple, ask the experts ..Why do we have an IQ test ?
Now I'm left with your article's same sentiments ..Fox is designed to keep status quo , two Party system from collapse.This very fact proves they are all in bed together & comprimise is the game..
Christ said to the church in Philadelphia, in later days they are neither hot nor cold , therefore HE would spit them out of HIS mouth.. This is the awareness level I am at ..No officials want to stand on their known, proven principles, well then let the LSHTF , whatever ..They are responsible for whatever...Don't blame me for being a terrorist , when they are terrorising the whole political system towards( no truth ), just comprimise.. No black & white issues, just comprimise ..I guess you could label me an irreconsilable, except for the fact that I DO accept the will of those who vote against me.. As usual.I have no choice in that matter..I do have a choice in that, I will not mix my principles with BS ideals..
It is all about the citizenry anyway ..If they choose to go down the path to destruction ,well then I go as far as the creator will allow...He will say when enough is enough...I'll vote accordingly.
COMPRIMISE is a trick of Satan & the first disobeydience.
Coalition ,Comprimise & NWO all go together for "human" effort.

Good people do Good deeds
Good people make it happen

meekandmild's picture

but I'm in a round room.


b u m p !

"Countless people will hate The New World Order and will die protesting against it"- H.G Wells - The New World Order (1939)

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

Pick a side?


I don't line up with either side. Alex Jones "in my opinion " is more of a Achilles heel than an asset. Obviously I will not align with the other choice. So I guess I'm out huh?

For Freedom!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

That sounds like ...

... you are an isolationist...afraid of guilt by association...

Sorry, we are ALL sinners, and we are ALL equally governed; there are TWO philosophies or "national" approaches to gaining our Republic back - and it is VERY tempting to go with the all powerful, law-abiding media that APPEARS to be more sympathetic to our cause - but they are wolves in sheep's clothing(also parading a bunch of "hot" women to tempt men who cannot restrain themselves)

"An isolationist afraid of guilt by association"?

Maybe dexter simply prefers to be his own man.

John Stossel

whats wrong with Stossel... ive see some good stuff from him. not everyone is evil just because they are on TV... or are they!!!??!!

It is not about evil...

..it is about John Stossel not joining US...who they CHOOSE to work for with their FREE choice means they either do not KNOW their employer has an agenda to push on behalf of the New World Order(which is sad); or they simply think LESS of us than they ought to!

We are right - and we are winning!

We just do not have the media presence that they do - but Sam Ettaro is committed to changing that - and compete against the Federal Reserve funded propaganda machine that ONLY prop up the left/right paradigm!

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I pick the side of freedom. liberty, and personal responsibility

add in a little limited government

will you contribute?

...to EXPAND independent media?

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I stopped reading...

As soon as you used Beck and Stossel in the same sentence. If you think for a minute that Alex Jones has more credibility than Stossel, then well, you are quite frankly... on crack.
The Philosophy Of Liberty -

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

This is not about ALEX JONES...

AJ is a MODEL of the fervor and type of press, radio, media that we need to EXPAND - and compete AGAINST for the minds and hearts of the American People...

Don't be so narrow-minded - Alex Jones eventually will have to be SUCCEEDED - He knows his own mortality - that is WHY I give him the benefit of the doubt.

Arrogant Corporate Media types think they will NEVER die - O'Reilly and Olbermann - they IGNORE the untimely YOUNG expiration of a Tim Russert and a Tony Snow - This is not about Alex Jones - This is about filling up the airwaves with another 20 HOURS of broadcasting with material just like his...

Dare to DREAM guys, quit being confined to all you know and your foregone conclusions - we need your HELP - not your outright rejection.

We have to STOP trying to mold the cause of liberty to fit our own personal whims and ideas - I have already watched countless hard-working souls QUIT our Ron Paul movement in our own backyard because they couldn't get their way.

ALL of our ideas are on EQUAL PAR with one another's in this movement - these nay-sayers who "QUIT READING" another person's ideas are like little children who do not get their way.

That type of "EXPLETIVE" has got to stop - the clock has NOT stopped, that is counting down to the next election!


"He knows his own mortality - that is WHY I give him the benefit of the doubt."

How do you come to these assumptions? I'm not really asking you a question, so no need to reply.