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Poll - Should US be sending more troops to Afghanistan?

Reading in Yahoo News I found this poll. I think it would be good to get your opinion...


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Voted: NO!

Check out the comments



Those people are every bit as uninformed as the people on the NPR web site yesterday.

Debating someone in a comment section that only allows 140 characters is completely useless; maybe that's why NPR promotes Twitter almost as much as they do Socialized Health Care.

56% No, 38% Yes

You guys are the best!



No 55%

No 55%

Voted No: 53%

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No - 53%

just come home!

Voted NO

52% No.

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NO: 50% NO

Bring'em all HOME.

I voted NO

my comment was-And why exactly are we in Afghanistan???


No, 49%

Now at 47% against!

The revolution will not be televised...


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Tied @ 46%

We need a big push.

I just wonder how many from the former antiwar "left" voted yes on this poll.

I suspect that alot of the people that vote in favor

of more troops are family members of military personnel who dont actually want more troops- but are given a Frank Lutz poll that makes them answer in the affirmative. Theres a big difference between supporting our troops and wanting more of them to go fight in battles they dont belong in. The MSM will always twist the findings. I dont even know why they bother to take the polls in the first place.They may as well just lie and SAY they did.

Re: Frank Luntz

I would love to see him in real life; I would absolutely love to yell "eff you Frank!"

I wonder how many times a day someone yells that at him.

oh i know it !

Would love to see him on the street. I honestly would yell that. Heck- get the wife and kids - bring ém out, make a day of it.."F* you Frank!" lol : )

That's quality family time!

What could be better than showing the kids a living example of traitorous scum that would sell out America for a few FRNs?