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The Magician's left hand

Guaranteed this is going to be one interesting week, whether the media reports the important news or not. For years the Bush administration tried to get a war started with Iran. Cheney was even trying to convince people with a plan to paint up Israeli boats like Iranian boats to attack American boats. There was few close calls in the strait of Hormuz, which was thankfully reported accurately as American aggression on innocent bystanders. What's been happening in Iran is complicated. First, it is likely international interests want a pipeline through the country. Second, Iran is one of a few holdouts against the Fiat money ponzi scheme that has destroyed the global economy. When countries don't play by the International bankers rules they tend to be taken over. It happened to Iraq. Iran is a different story.

Iran is a lifeline of oil for Russia and China. The Israeli president just met with Moscow to broker a deal for Russia to look the other way when they attack. It appears Russia didn't buy into the plan (also Iran is still paying off the nuclear reactor Russia just built for them). Before you suspect the nuclear reactor could lead to a bomb you have to realize the materials to make a bomb are significantly more refined and take an extraordinary amount of time, expertise and centrifuges then what is presently in Iran. Most american media still doesn't understand this fact about Iran's capabilities.

On september 24 President Barack Obama, now crowned chairman of the UN security council, will lead a special meeting of the U.N, Security Council on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. I have no doubt Obama will ask for Iran to stop proliferating bombs they do not have. It's a common thug tactic. Telling the unarmed man, loudly, to stop attacking the man holding the gun. If he pulls this move then all bets are off. Russia could call up their subs on our east coast and threaten a preemptive attack before our (and instigated by Israel) preemptive attack on Iran. China will most likely continue economically attacking the Anglo empire by buying assets before the dollar tanks.

On the same day the G20 will meet in Pittsburgh. In anticipation the dollar has already fallen. The global community has been echoing support for a global currency governed by the IMF. This currency has even been disseminated to ailing Mexico during the swine flu debacle as Special Drawing Rights Units. The people of mexico continue to trade in pesos that look completely the same, however their money is partially based on a new global fiat system.

September 25 the house of representatives will deliberate on the highly anticipated Audit the Fed bill. The author of the bill, Dr. Ron Paul, has expressed his concern the bill could be hindered by attaching to a bill that would increase the Federal Reserve's power or could be stripped of its powers by amendments introduced under House rules. These are very real concerns. President Obama has been threatening to increase the power of the Federal Reserve since his inauguration. After government healthcare was shouted down by angry constituents Obama has taken up the mantle for the Federal Reserve again. Dr. Paul has also expressed concern about a global takeover of our currency. This could very well happen the day before at the G20 meeting.

In the backdrop of all these machinations is the ever present threat of vaccinations. Military and police personnel were early whistleblowers unvaccinated citizens could be detained in highways across America without bracelet vaccination identification. Their warnings are becoming true as the city of Boston has instituted bracelet identification and a county in Texas is installing roadblocks to detain unvaccinated citizens. Fema Camps and improvised holding centers like city stadiums have already been constructed for detainment. Coffins for potential victims has been stockpiled by our government for years. For a government that has failed in most every way, why would they be so well prepared for our detainment and death?

My real question is this, what trick are they playing on the people of the world? Magicians distract with their right hand while finishing their act with their left. Perhaps all of these tricks are in play, from war with Iran, to destruction of the U.S. dollar, to martial law in the guise of vaccination. Or they might try one or more of their other tricks like gun legislation, PASS ID or stealing water rights. One thing is sure the eyes of the world will be watching all their hands in play.

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Well poised question.

It could be the multi-armed beast will perform all of tricks simultaneously, that way with so much confusion, the people's attention will be sub-divided and diluted.

They will try. They will fail.

We will win. This week will be interesting!
Who gives a cluck. Just make it a clean egg-sit.

It's in our DNA, we will rid ourselves of this cancer.

" Coffins for potential victims has been stockpiled by our government for years. For a government that has failed in most every way, why would they be so well prepared for our detainment and death?"

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Good synopsis, Run!

Things are happening quickly lately.