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Israel to hit Iran in November????

From Wayne Madsen Reports:

September 21, 2009 -- State Department sources: Israel intends to hit Iran in November

WMR has learned from a top White House source that Israel intends to hit Iran militarily in November. The official stated, "You can't find a person in Washington who can stop Israel from hitting Iran."

A State Department source also told WMR that President Obama has essentially "out sourced" U.S. Middle East policy to top foreign policy officials from the George H. W. Bush administration. The officials include Defense Secretary Robert Gates; retired General James Jones, Obama's National Security Adviser; former Secretary of State James Baker, and former National Security Adviser under Presidents Ford and Bush 41, Brent Scowcroft. Many of the ad hoc advisers have close links with countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, the Gulf emirates, and Syria.

The influence of pro-Israeli Dennis Ross, Special Assistant to President Obama for the "Central Region" of the Middle East, Gulf region, Iran, Afghnistan, and Pakistan, has, according to our sources, been eclipsed by Obama's unofficial team of senior Bush's advisers in formulating policies toward Iran and the Middle East.

Obama and Jones reportedly are steadfastly opposed to any plan by the Binyamin Netanyahu government in Israel to attack Iran in November or at any other time in the near future.

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