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Story From Obama Health Care Speech Turns Out to Be False

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If I happen to be watching a

If I happen to be watching a speech from anyone and they point out, 'one women came up to me.', or, 'one man i spoke to', i always turn it off, its all BS.


It reminds me of those old weight loss ads in magazines.
Those "testimonials" of fictitious satisified customers.

Years ago in health class, we had to do "quackery" skits.
I portrayed a Snake-oil salesman...And had two chemicals from my chemistry set that changed color when poured together..Like magic.
I did the same thing.."Mary Smith of Utah tried this and it cured her bunions". I even had a ringer in the audience limp up to me, and jog back to his seat after drinking my magic potion..LOL

It's like memories of days gone by on the Daily Paul today!

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.