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OT - Would you sign this form?

Just wanted other opinions as we have received this document 4 times from school and have refused to sign it. Would you sign this? The form also asks for my childs insurance carrier and policy number and the names, addresses and phone numbers of her pediatrician, dentist and family doctor. Below is the language word for word which requires a signature.

In presenting my (our) child for diagnosis and treatment

Home Telephone:

I/we as parents/guardians hereby voluntarily consent to the rendering of such care and medical treatment, including diagnostic procedures and blood transfusions, by authorized pre hospital personnel and members of the hospital staff, as may in their professional judgment be necessary or in the best interests of my/our child.

I/we hereby acknowledge that no guarantees have been made to me as to the effect of such examinations or treatment on child's condition.

In addition I/we hereby give my/our consent to:

Name of school

who will be caring for my/our Son/Daughter for the period

July 2009 – May 2010

to arrange for routine or emergency medical/dental care and treatment necessary to preserve the health of my/our child.

I/we acknowledge that I am (we are) responsible for all reasonable charges in connection with care and treatment rendered during this period.

I/we understand that important medical information will be shared with school personnel as needed for the safety of each student. I/we have read this form and I/we certify that I/we understand its content.

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Thanks for your opinions.



You might want to amend the language here:

to arrange solely for emergency medical/dental care and treatment necessary to preserve the life of my/our child.

and then have the official in charge initial it with you.


completely ignoring the form would be best. Signing it sounds like you're giving them permission to do anything.

Making exceptions puts bureaucratic restrictions on something that is better handled with common sense.

If your child is hurt, reasonable people will give reasonable treatment even if you can't be reached, but an altered form or the time they take to look it up might give them pause. Nothing's broke right now, so don't "fix" it.

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Save it. Winter's coming.

And a piece of paper is good for getting the fire started.
I would actually file a whole other one that says in large letters "All medical decisions to be made by parents only" and give all your contact information. Regular dental appointments?? Are they nuts?

No way! Don't sign it.

Does the school have any business in deciding routine care for a student?

And because of reading this, my wife is going to go to our kid's school tomorrow to see if there are any health related releases that she might have signed during the registration process. They will be torn up if there are any and a registered letter will be sent to the principal and school board notifying them that we reserve all rights as the parents of our children and our "religious" convictions against vaccinations.

Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't consider this off topic at all.

Good luck.

Hell NO!

This almost looks like a Power of Attorney form!!

Heck no

my son fell on the playground this morning at his "school" ( we send him to a church pre K from 8:30 - 11:45 am so he can be around other kids), well he busted his lip like all of us did when we were kids.

They used common sense and love to treat him and he was as good as new 10 minutes later.

Can you imagine if this were a government school and I had filled out and given them my insurance info? He would probably be admitted to the hospital right now and a case worker for the state assigned to us.

As it is, he has a cool band-aid and got a toy out of the "treasure box" for acting like a big boy.

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My toolkit for this situation

involves popsicles. Helps with the swelling and it's cute to tell a kid that age they "need" a popsicle.

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NO is the word for this thread,

Praise God for common sense (I guess it's not so common anymore, though)

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No way

This sounds like a flu shot consent form. Why would it say "to arrange for routine or emergency medical/dental care..." Why would the school be arranging for routine medical care?


I would NOT! sign. all the schools should do is call 911 and then the parents, if a child has been injured at school.

No way would

I sign that form. Homeschooling is the only option for liberty minded people.

My daughter just turned six last week and is in first grade.

She is doing 3rd grade math and reading at 4th grade. We have done all the required work needed to start her in Arizona Virtual Academy and have put her on a waiting list for a local charter school (Ben Franklin). My wife and I are just ate up about this and for one reason only. Our daughter is extremely social and we can't get over the guilt of pulling her out of school right now. We are in our 50's and just want her to have a childhood. We know homeschooling is best and her math and reading are directly reflective of OUR work with her. We don't know what we are going to do other than to say we know for sure she will not be in public school after first grade. I guess we are trying to hold off as long as possible, but I know sooner rather than later it's going to happen.

I just turned 50...

We have 3 kids all still in school... we have homeschooled them throughout their entire academia and have never regretted it. There are alternatives to the social element such as local home school groups which are usually very active. You can even get scholastic help with classes like PE and science... There is also church, the library and numerous community activities. Homeschooled children actually have a broader range of social involvement than 'socialized' public school kids...


Wouldn't sign it.

I cannot see why

this would be necessary, except maybe in the case of a private school... they are already legally bound to take the necessary steps to protect your child and preserve life... I'm no lawyer tho...

Right I agree. If my child gets seriously ill or injured just

call 911 and then us. I can think of no reason why they need her insurance information or names of her doctors. But it was this part that really bothered me:

to arrange for routine or emergency medical/dental care and treatment necessary to preserve the health of my/our child.

Plus, there is no option on this VOLUNTARY consent form to opt not to volunteer. Thanks, I was just looking for some feedback.