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Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army

September 14, 2009

TEHRAN - Pakistan’s former chief of army staff, General Mirza Aslam Beg (ret.), has said the U.S. private security company Blackwater was directly involved in the assassinations of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Blackwater later changed its name and is now known as Xe.

General Beg recently told the Saudi Arabian daily Al Watan that former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf had given Blackwater the green light to carry out terrorist operations in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Quetta.

General Beg, who was chief of army staff during Benazir Bhutto’s first administration, said U.S. officials always kept the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan secret because they were afraid of possible attacks on the U.S. Embassy and its consulates in Pakistan.

During an interview with a Pakistani TV network last Sunday, Beg claimed that the United States killed Benazir Bhutto.

Beg stated that the former Pakistani prime minister was killed in an international conspiracy because she had decided to back out of the deal through which she had returned to the country after nine years in exile.

Beg also said he believes that the former director general of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence was not an accomplice in the conspiracy against Benazir Bhutto, although she did not trust him.

The retired Pakistani general also stated that Benazir Bhutto was a sharp politician but was not as prudent as her father.

On September 2, the U.S. ambassador to Islamabad, Anne W. Patterson, intervened with one of the largest newspaper groups in Pakistan, The News International, to force it to block a decade-old weekly column by Dr. Shireen Mazari scheduled for publication on September 3 in which Mazari, the former director of the Islamabad Institute of Strategic Studies, broke the story of Blackwater/Xe’s presence in Pakistan.

The management of The News International dismissed one of the country’s most prominent academics and journalists due to U.S. pressure. She joined the more independent daily The Nation last week as an editor.

On September 9, in her first column in The Nation, Dr. Mazari wrote:

“Now, even if one were to ignore the massive purchases of land by the U.S., the questionable manner in which the expansion of the U.S. Embassy is taking place and the threatening covert activities of the U.S. and its ‘partner in crime’ Blackwater; the unregistered comings and goings of U.S. personnel on chartered flights; we would still find it difficult to see the whole aid disbursement issue as anything other than a sign of U.S. gradual occupation. It is no wonder we have the term Af-Pak: Afghanistan they control through direct occupation loosely premised on a UN resolution; Pakistan they are occupying as a result of willingly ceded sovereignty by the past and present leadership.”

According to Al Watan, Washington even used Blackwater forces to protect its consulate in the city of Peshawar.

In addition, U.S. journalist Seymour Hersh has accused former U.S vice president Dick Cheney of being involved in the Hariri assassination.

He said Cheney was in charge of a secret team that was tasked with assassinating prominent political figures.

After the assassination of Rafik Hariri in 2005, the U.S. and a number of other countries pointed the finger at Syria, although conclusive evidence has never been presented proving Syrian involvement in the murder.

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I wouldn't put it past those SOBs... They are on a crusade!

"Countless people will hate The New World Order and will die protesting against it"- H.G Wells - The New World Order (1939)

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

I really try to like it here

But after this Clown Show of elections last year and now it is confirmed they killed Benazir Bhutto.

This is all just a joke to them.

Gosh, this is really Banana Republic stuff.
"God is at home, it's we who have gone out for a walk."
Meister Eckhart

Eh, so what!!

That is how it will be handled. We know so much dirt on the Bush's it is not even funny, but nothing ever gets pinned down.

wow, this is heavy

if it comes out that they did do the hits, i wonder how far up the ladder it goes. i guess it all depends on what Erik Prince has for dirt on his bosses.

Jesus Christ...No media

Jesus Christ...No media coverage on this heh. What world are we living in?

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

I would wager you

won't hear this on the evening news. LOL

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Crackdown launched against Xe private security companies


3 guards arrested

Written by Salik Malik
Sep 21, 2009

The federal police conducted a search operation against several security companies in different sectors of the capital after recovering of illegal arms from the house of an owner of a security company and arrested three security guards.

According to sources, the late night operation was conducted by the police after getting red signal from the interior ministry.

The late night raids on other security companies were made after large cache of arms were seized from a company providing security to US diplomats. The police during the raid inquired about details of licenses of arms.

Kohsar Police has also arrested three security guards of security company on suspicion.

Sources told that the Interior Ministry after recovering of illegal arms in huge quantity from the owner of house of Inter-Risk Security Company has decided to conduct a survey of hiring 200 residential buildings by US embassy. Sources said that the decision has been taken to know objectives behind hiring these houses.

Meanwhile US Embassy spokesman Rick Snelsire said the US contract with Inter-Risk to provide security at the embassy and consulates took effect this year. It is believed to be the first US contract for the firm, Snelsire said. He did not know how long the contract was for or what it was worth.

“Our understanding is they obtained licenses with whatever they brought into the country to meet the contractual needs,’’ he said. “We told the government that we had a contract with Inter-Risk.’’

A man who answered the phone number listed for the company and identified himself as Riaz Hussain said a raid had occurred, but gave no more information.

According to Inter-Risk’s website, it was first formed in 1988 and offers wireless home alarm systems as well as security guards and other services.

Though the US Embassy in Islamabad does have American security staff, much of the work is done by local workers. At checkpoints and gates leading to the embassy compound, for instance, Pakistani security guards inspect vehicles and log in visitors.

Scandals involving private contractors have dogged the United States in the Middle East and South Asia.

In Washington on Friday, the Commission on Wartime Contracting heard testimony about another contractor – ArmorGroup North America – involving alleged illegal and immoral conduct by its guards at the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, the Iraqi government refused to grant Xe Services – the new name for what was once Blackwater – an operating license amid continued outrage over a 2007 lethal firefight involving some of its employees in Baghdad, although the State Department has temporarily extended a contract with a Xe subsidiary to protect US diplomats in Iraq.

Many of the recent rumors in Pakistan have been prompted by US plans to expand its embassy space and staff.

Among the other unsubstantiated stories the United States denies: that 1,000 US Marines will land in the capital, and that Americans will set up a Guantanamo-style prison.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

meekandmild's picture

Not too surprize

"We the People" can not trust our government.