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SIBEL EDMONDS, on the Mike Malloy show (mp3 link)

SIBEL EDMONDS, the FBI translator/whistleblower, described by the ACLU as the "most gagged" woman in the history of this country following the Bush Administration's use of the "State Secrets Privilege" in keeping her from exposing corruption learned while a translator at the FBI after 9/11. On that, her new blog, her new project "Project Expose MSM", and anything else you want to ask her about!

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Like I SAID..........

I've known about Sible Edmonds and her story for OVER TWO YEARS now........thanks to WHOM? A L E X J O N E S!!! The 9/11 Truth Movement. If you listened to Sibel's interview she mentions COLLEN ROWLEY.....She was one of TIME magazines person's of the year several years ago and she's an FBI Whistleblower as well AND a FULL FLEDGED MEMBER of 9/11 TRUTH....That's RIGHT...a former FBI agent and whistleblower and TIME magazine person of the year is a TRUTHER!!! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

One another note...........notice when Sibel takes callers questions and this lady asks her what can I do for you? Sibel says NOTHING........."I needed your help a couple of years ago" Why? because the vast majority of you are SLEEPING and don't think this 9/11 business is LEGIT..........IT IS!!!! and if you listen to Sibel.......it's not JUST 9/11......the corruption is greater than that.

The former PRESIDENT of ITALY just came out and said 9/11 was CIA and MOSSAD and that EVERYONE in the intelligence community in the ENTIRE WORLD knows this.


It is very hard to

It is very hard to understand the lack of conversation concerning this interview. The Speaker of the House info alone should be more than enough for this subject to "be hot".

It's not hard to understand for me

I get it completely. This is almost predictable now. I wish I could place bets in VEGAS on how mainstream media will cover certain stories or if they will at all. I'd be a wealthy man in less than a year. Not only that.....on how pathetic the American populus is as a whole about what's REALLY going on. How many times does it have to be told to you......American Mainstream Media is a DISTRACTION.....Why do you think they banter on non stop about PETTY things?

Joe Wilson? how long did the media waste our time with that crap?

Obama and CT police and the African American Harvard Professor?

Ridiculous Town Hall meetings that amounted to what exactly?

When will our media start asking the REAL TOUGH questions like......Mr. President........WHO IS SIBEL EDMONDS? Mr. President are you aware of her story? Mr. President......Who or What is the CFR? are you a member? is your WIFE a member?


Thanks for this

Just came across her name recently; pretty impressive cred, hard to knock this one.

Yes, the gag order speaks

Yes, the gag order speaks volumes.


I seriously doubt most of you here will even bother to listen to this. Typical.


I listened to 4 hours of her the other day

Some pretty serious mind blowing stuff. The extent and scope of the corruption is very disturbing. If you haven't heard her story yet I recommend listening for yourself. I'll see if I can find time to listen to this too.

Yes, I to cringe at some of

Yes, I to cringe at some of uninformed statements i see concerning the issue, but lets not give up on the people.

As a follower

of all things 9/11 related that I can find........in other words many of you would call me a 9/11 Truther. I can tell you I've known about Sibel Edmonds for over 2 years now. Thanks to Alex Jones of course. Crazy isn't it that now smaller media outlets are picking up on this story....FINALLY??? So....let's hear from you NON TRUTHERS out there......is this lady a "nutjob" too? Why would the Bush Admin "gag" a "nutjob"? For a good many of you NON TRUTHERS out there......that continue to have your head in the sand........you get what you deserve. Lose your job? You deserve to lose it. Lose your savings? You deserve to lose it. Keep watching mainstream media and listening to what they say no matter their angle and you deserve what you get.

Notice... Mainstream media handles Sibel Edmonds in a manner very similar to Charlie Sheen.


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BumP: good listening

The stuff that never gets reported.