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Online Ron Paul Rally Video

This from Dan Libby at the amazing Ron Paul Online Rally

I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a music video slideshow to YouTube starring... YOU! All 1300+ of you, to be precise.

This video includes a photo and message of support for Ron Paul from every rally participant. The photos are in a totally random order, and due to the large number of photos (yeah!) only the first 100 or so display for long enough to read the person's message.

More from Dan below:

The video is here:


Please check it out, and if you like it, give it a positive rating and add to your favorites. But most importantly, leave a comment and HELP DISTRIBUTE the video widely, all across the net, as well as the rally itself.

Let's show everyone the MASSIVE support base that exists for Ron Paul.

Some have already commented that the video moves too quickly during the second half. Please keep in mind that the primary goal is to show that there are LOTS of people supporting Ron Paul, not to bore them with a 10 minute long slideshow. Also, the video format was designed to support growth as more photos are added to the rally. All that said, future versions may add improvements in this area.

If you are unhappy that your face just flashed by, fear not, as more videos will be generated in the future, again in random order. So each time there is a new chance to get your message in the spotlite.

If anyone would like to make modifications (or make a better video altogether), you can find the source images on the rally website, in the F.A.Q. E-mail me for an input file that can be used with dvd-slideshow software. I am the first to admit that I am no expert in video creation, so if anyone out there wants to take a crack at it, go for it!

I have built a script that can automatically re-generate the video every day, as new photos are added. If anyone would like to donate bandwidth towards hosting the video files, please let me know. Otherwise, I will probably just do a periodic (weekly?) YouTube upload.

Finally, if anyone seriously objects to being in the videos, please reply to this mail with DELETE ME in the subject, and I can remove your photo from the rally entirely. I would hope that everyone in the mosaic is proud to show their support however.

ps, for anyone that has not been keeping up with Rally events, here are a few rally-related links from the "RallyWorks" section:

- Real-Time Rally Stats

- Article about Stats

- Ron Paul Mosaic

- Shape Shifter

- Spam Drive Video

Go Ron Paul!
Dan Libby

Thank you Dan, for your support of Dr. Paul and the cause of Liberty.

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Started off well, but then...

the speed of the images became a blur, so that eventually nobody could be recognized. Too bad.

The early photos, with the quotes, were great. I wish the producer would re-do this--even if the running time is 30 minutes--so that each Ron Paul support got a few seconds and a clear presentation.

Great Marketing Piece

This one is an awesome marketing piece. Too long for a TV ad, but it's a good seller that highlights both the diversity of Ron Paul crowds, and the sheer volume of people and opinion present in a Paul crowd. I don't know how you pulled this off (the logistics of asking each rally attendee for a picture and a statement), but it's good stuff.