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Tracking Face Time of Candidates on TV News

Here is a link to a graphic from the NY Times. It shows:

Presidential candidates ranked by time spend being interviewd on news programs on six major cable and network channels this year through July 15. The rankings do not include appearances in news report or as part of a panel.

It is a fascinating graphic. Ron Paul got the most appearances on MSNBC (35), and zero on NBC and CBS. He had 21 appearances on CNN, and only 14 on Fox. Fox favors the G-man, with 115 appearances. Check it out.

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A Minor Correction

A minor correction:

This graph doesn't track the total *appearances*, it measures the total minutes of airtime.


wow, Fox really is slanted

At least we do well on MSN

I think Fox is scared of us,

I think Fox is scared of us, but look at CBS and NBC. Do we really have 0 min. of face time on them both? That's amazing bias considering all the asskicking we've been doing in various other fora. I wonder if they know how irrelevant they're becoming, or how outright-biased they look?? This picture definitely makes the RINO-from-the-Northeast at all cost agenda they have obvious...

face time

Dr. Paul 2008 So sorry, but it did not come out very clear. It is interesting but I can not read most of it. Can you try again. You are terrific. Mahalo

Dr. Paul 2008

Michael Nystrom's picture

Click on it

Click on the blurry image, and it should snap to actual size in your browser. Then you should be able to read it just fine.

He's the man.

Doesn't include "surrogates"

What's particularly obnoxious about this is it doesn't account for the interviews a candidate would like to do, but can't (time constraints, previous commitments, etc.) and so offers a surrogate.

The CNNs and FOXs are notorious for putting surrogates on. I don't think I've ever seen a Ron Paul surrogate on any of these networks.

Why is Giuliani in bold?

I didn't understand why... maybe b/c he had the most total minutes?

-Phil Hemingway III

Fred D. Thompson should not be included

The fact he is should tell Ron Paul supporters we need to turn the heat up on media with our responses and not get lazy and think someone else will. I wrote to the NYTs and told them. Join me 'cause I'm Rockin for Ron!

Irrelevancy leads to change

All my life, the networks take turns in the lead. The leaders get complacent, and the upstarts get creative, and take the lead from them.

Obviously, the broadcast networks aren't spending much time on the election, yet. Note that their coverage is shallower, and only focussed on the front-runners. Good thing we have the Internet.

They are probably correct to ignore politicians; their viewers don't like to watch them. But everybody knows how much America loves the underdog, and they're missing a major bet not covering the Revolution.

And, where are the Libertarians? The chart doesn't even list them, and several are running.


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