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Tax Hike Mike/CNN Article on why he raises taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder if he has ever thought about CUTTING EXPENSES ie military, instead of raising taxes to build roads?

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He is the flavor of the month...

and his month has come one month too early. The media has been kind to him lately, but now they are going to kick him off his pedistal. Huckabee peaked too early and now he is going to pay for it. The "value vote" will be split between Huckabee and Romeny and neither of them will benefit. Ron Paul will peak at the perfect time and surprise everyone come election day. As a Ron Paul supporter I don't want Ron Paul to make it to the #1 spot until election day. The neo-cons won't see it coming.

I would like to come in Second in Iowa and First in New Hampshir

I think it would be great to come in Second in Iowa and First in New Hampshire. I say that about Iowa because lots of candidates that finish first their do not go on to win the Republican Nomination or the White House. I would rather show a huge momentum push with a second and then win in NH and then South Carolina and Nevada. I think Nevada is more important this year than in the past - its a more populous state and has one of the fastest growing cities in the country - its the gateway to California.

Call me superstitious

Glad these things are getting reported.

One issue: This poll...landlines only? Calling list of people(landlines) who voted Republican last time? Polled 1000 people(only)?
Where's Ron Paul in this poll? What kind of poll is this?
Although it is good to get the Tax Hike Mike word out... they sure aren't helping our man Ron Paul, either, (get the word out) with posting these(what I call) phony(not a real sample of all people) poll results.

Take Care/Not Offense.

Huck Lacking Wisdom--very telling article.

Huck: "Oops! I accidentally dropped the A-bomb on Iran. No one could have predicted that there were going to be so much death!"


I really don't like this guy. He's so slimy. I feel nasty just looking at his picture.