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SCGOP & Faux News will ban Ron Paul from 5/15 debate?


They haven't said so specifically, but I saw a note (without any link) on the antiwar.com blog, so I searched and this article comes up. Only three candidates meet the criteria, but are they going to make exceptions?

It looks like they just want a beauty contest. If anyone knows the best contact for Fox News and/or the SC party to stop this outrage, please post a comment. For now we might contact Fox News and the SC Republican party.

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South Carolina Debate

I believe that by paying the required $25,000 fee to register as a candidate, Ron is now in the running and will be allowed to participate.

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this has little to do with this blog but I cant seem to find anyplace else to post this so here goes.

msn is conducting a poll called rate the candidates
here's a link



As long as Ron Paul has a decent showing in the May 3rd

...debate there is no way Fox can deny him. The campaign has paid the SC fee to gain ballot status, they are above the stated 1% threshold in national polls. Paul is in th eMay 3rd debate and the June debate in New Hampshire.

For Fox to black list him from a smaller debate samwiched between the two in such a short time span would be the so obvious it would present the PR oppurtunity of a life time... dare I say a gift... FOx will be inundated with calls and email, youtube will be covered with video protests... the disenfranchisement of the American People by the state run propaganda outlet Fox news... oh if we could be so lucky.

By the way rumor has it that Paul will be perfectly placed between Giuliani and McCain on the stage at the May 3rd Debate ;)



Our favorite congressman and presidential candidate seems to be polling well as of late, which is a good sign.


South Carolina Republican Party contact

"You never know....until you find out."

You may email the South Carolina Republican Party at this address:


Here is their announcement about the debate:


Write YOUR protest!!! Here is mine:

Dear Mr. Godfrey,

Why should a news organization be in the position of deciding who is a "serious" potential Presidential candidate?
Shouldn't the voters make that decision after getting a full and fair opportunity to hear all the candidate's views?

I understand Marty Ryan, executive producer of political programming for Fox News Channel, is saying that the polling criteria would ensure that "serious candidates were taking part in our debate. That is absurd this early in the run for the Presidency

This is a form of censorship that should not be permitted.
It is shocking that a news channel should be attempting to stifle debate.

Its decision to narrow the field means that, depending on the polls they use, conservatives such as Brownback, Gilmore, Huckabee, Hunter, Paul and Tancredo could all be excluded from the debate.

The attempted coronation of Giuliani as the Republican presidential candidate, by stacking the South Carolina debate in his favor, is an abuse of media power.

What are you thinking????
The South Carolina Republican Party is making a critical mistake in turning over the process to the cable channel.

If Republican conservatives want to take their country back, they better start by taking their presidential debate process out of the hands of a cable channel whose reputation as a "conservative" alternative to the liberal media is seriously in doubt with Murdoch as the head.

Please don't do this!

Just sent my email!

Don't forget, pick up the phone and call him!
Contact: Rob Godfrey

Vote for FREEDOM!

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Call To Action

How do we contact FoxNews?

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt