A Message From Ron Paul

What a great time we had in San Antonio last weekend. An enthusiastic bunch of Texans thronged the Alamo for a rally, and then there was a fundraising dinner at an historic museum. More than a thousand people attended one or the other.

San Antonio is a military town. Indeed, I served there myself in the Air Force, and lots of soldiers and airmen came up to offer their support. Some were Iraq veterans, some were headed there, and all supported getting us out.

As I told the crowd, with our non-interventionist foreign policy, there would be 3,600 young Americans still alive, and 25,000 more not badly wounded. It got the biggest response of the evening.

Then a 14-year-old girl told me she was helping the campaign so her daddy, a soldier, would not have to go to Iraq. I told her there are many thousands of us working to that exact end, to keep him and all the others safe. What an outrage that we are accused of not supporting the troops. What a scam when the warmongers claim to be pro-soldier.

Lots of military people turned out to be aware that our campaign got more donations from soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines than any other. Funny, that made a big impression in Congress too. Many of my colleagues were amazed and encouraged that you can be against this unconstitutional and disastrous war, and get military support.

This weekend I meet with family, high-school classmates, and local friends and supporters in Pittsburgh (http://www.ronpaul2008.com/events/pittsburgh-area-rally/). We are really looking forward to it!

Then it’s a full week in Iowa. On Sunday, there’s the ABC debate (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=3437758&page=1), and next weekend is the Ames straw poll. Other campaigns seem to be pulling back, to try to lower expectations. We are stepping things up, with more staff, another office, and a significant TV and radio buy. This all costs a lot of money, of course, as does our continuing work in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Arizona, and other states.

But I have been thrilled by the support among Iowa Republicans for our issues—on the war, on pro-life, on fiscal conservatism. This is fertile territory for us. Now we just have to work harder than our opponents at recruiting supporters, organizing them, and getting them to the straw poll.

Some media have hinted that a good showing by our campaign would be a bombshell. I don’t make predictions, but I am cautiously optimistic about our chances. However, I very much need your help.

We got a lot of good publicity earlier about our prudence in spending. Indeed, I treat every donation with care, since it comes from a good American who shares our hope for the future, and who had to work hard to earn that money.

But all that publicity about our non-spendthrift ways had a “blowback” effect—if you will excuse the expression. It made some people feel the campaign did not need support, right at the very time we especially need it.

Stand with me in Iowa. I very much need your support. Please, send the most generous donation (https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/) you can, as soon as you can.



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Military Support

My brother has a son in the military and supports Ron Paul.

I have a son in the military and support Ron Paul.

My military son supports Ron Paul.

Many others have sons and daughters in the military and support Ron Paul.

Why wouldn't we?

David Cameron

Military Supporting Ron Paul

I'm an Army Reservist, was wearing civilian clothing at the rally and fundraiser, and didn't identify myself as military. However, you can count me as another soldier who supports Ron Paul!


Gosh darn it!

I've once again allowed Dr. Know to talk me out of more of my money!

Just kidding. I was planning on making my monthly donation on the first of the month, but had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Yes, you'd be amazed

You mean that soldiers that signed up to defend America get angry when their government sends them into a country that didn't attack us or threaten us on a mission with no goal and no end? Amazing!

Thank God, the soldiers in Iraq have at least one hope in a presidential candidate that stands up for them and wants to bring them home.

Where is the rest of the House on H.R. 2605? Where is the Foreign Affairs Committee? I'm glad to see so many co-sponsors, including Dennis Kucinich, but will it ever make it out of committee?

Meanwhile the House has voted on the worthless H.R. 2956, which shouldn't see the light of day.

The military should know that Ron Paul is fighting for them, while so many others in the government are using them.