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GOP Debate Reminder - ABC News, Sunday 8/5 Morning

This Sunday, a live 90-minute debate with the Republican Presidential contenders on a special edition of ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos."

Check your local listings for the exact time. Tune in, and tell your friends to listen to Ron Paul!!!

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Well, I see that Drudge yanked his but ABC's is pretty impressive. I would bet that ABC could have a spam issue also. Let me tell you this though. Here is one that required you to put a valid email and address:


compare it to the ABC poll :


as of 19:20 hrs CST ABC has Paul @ 57% (19212/33493=57)

that means that both polls have him at or above 55%.. I guess those RP spammers have nothing better to do that have multiple email addresses and they love to usse thier nieghbors addresses.. :)

ABC poll

I just voted in the ABC poll and as usual Ron Paul was crushing the opposition, with more votes than all the other options combined. Of course the sages in the mass media will conclude that I and the other 25,000 voters are just spam bots.

such exciting candidates opposing us!

One wonders, continually, why the other campaigns can't muster the "excitement" to get a few thousand people to perform a few mouse clicks apiece and dominate us, if that were actually do-able. And have they even MENTIONED the results of their own poll at all, even in the context of the usual accusations due to our dominance?? I have not heard it.

They just don't get it!

Hello JMR, the Republican (and Democrats) presidential candidates just don’t get it! It’s their message that is flawed. Maybe America is waking up!

Maybe more and more Americans are sick and tired of our government killing innocent people in our name. Maybe we are sick and tired of putting our young men and women in harms way to suffer the brunt of our illegal and immoral intervention policies.

I can imagine the consternation that ABC and their neo-con owners and base must be going through right now. If the American people are allowed to “speak” (we have now extended our vote for Dr. Paul on their own poll to 63% overall) it is the end of their warfare industrial dominance in this country. A real change is coming and it must scare and anger them to no end.

My fear is that we have not truly felt the wrath of those in power when they finally realize they just might be losing their control over the American people. Luckily not everyone in government is against us. If you haven’t done so, here is a good example: see Judge Napolitano and Dr. Paul speaking at the Future of Freedom Foundation.


I think these important talks have been somewhat overlooked as the view counts are not very high.

Best Regards,

Last 30 minutes?

My ABC affiliate cut off the last 30 minutes of the debate. George S went to commercial at the end of the first hour and the programming switched to some Sunday morning teen news show. Did this happen to anybody else? I'm in the Albany area, NY. My affiliate is WTEN.

Drudge poll?

Drduge's homepage is pure chaos. I need better directions in order to vote in a poll on it.

ABC Misquoted Ron Paul

"Texas Rep. Ron Paul had harsher words for the administration, saying that Cheney is more powerful than Bush and that he would support an amendment to define the Vice President's duties."

http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Story?id=3447943&page=2 (last paragraph in "Redefining the Role of Vice President" section)

Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdYx-stgnes

I believe it's clear he said, "Wouldn't support" You'd think they wouldn't misquote their own broadcast...

In the absence of light, darkness prevails...

In the absence of light, darkness prevails...

ABC News, TV

4PM MDT ~ George S. just mentioned that after next weekend's Iowa Straw Poll, three 2nd-Tier candidates will probably drop-out (he named); he DID NOT name Ron Paul! The approx. 5-min. news coverage of the Debate, however, didn't mention Ron Paul....


Why o Why do they want Mitt and Rudy so badly?
What's in it for these media companies?

Brownback and Paul





we need to put this sight on here

The Doctor in the house?

what a bunch of bull shit that AGAIN the only Dr. in the race was not asked about health care in America. And what was that garbage poll at the start? 2percent my ass.


On Youtube now.

Err.. partly.. there are some interchanges I would like to see more of..


The guy who has these videos up is a total a-hole by the way..

Bias debate again

As one would expect, Ron Paul was not given an opportunity to compete equally in terms of time with the other candidates. He was excluded from the discussion of health care and taxes. I saw the debate as an attempt by the media to control the opinions of the public. Let us hope Dr. Paul's message gets out in spite of all the efforts of the established interest to marginalize him.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

non-interventionis health care required

Whatever it takes to knock Ron Paul out of the minds of voters, these mainstream (read vested interests in war policy) will stand together to take shots at him.

It is essential for the republican party to come to grips with the reality of the 2008 elections. That reality is: the war party will lose.

Furthermore, the republican party seems to be intent on a stratifying method of appealing to the 'base' - if they even understand what that is anymore - which is debatable. At the expense of bringing more people in to build strength, revitalize its strategies - which have gone far off course, and appealing to the public - in order to build a winning movement.

If the candidates truly stand for the principles of limited government, freedom for individuals, and honest and constitutional tax system, and a foreign policy conducive to trade and good relations, then why do they jump to the big government, pro-war (irrational war), trade agreements that pave the way for giant corporation to stifle competition and so on and so forth?

The answer seems to be that the republicans are betting that their core group of believers (and by now it is clear that to believe any of them indicates a real need for psycho therapy) - in other words - people who will drink the koolaid even after the stomach spasms have taken hold (let's call them death wish party loyalists), will be there in sufficient number to throw the election to one of these babbling Ken Dolls.

As I watched this morning, my reaction was at first that this must be a cartoon. But no, George Stephanopolous wouldn't preside over anything designed to make republicans look like an army of fools, would he?

Evidently the candidates have not found any ideas yet, The one exception, again, is Ron Paul.

Is it any wonder that this party has absolutely no appeal to reasonable people on the other side of the aisle?

I, for one, and I know that many members of the Meetup in Nashua NH, have been talking to people on 'the other side of the aisle' and we have found common ground. There is enough common sense, interest in freedom and non-intrusive government to bring republicans, democrats, libertarians, free state project participants, and people of various political persuasions out to the beach with us to hand out Ron Paul literature, hold up signs, go to republican party events (even through the anticipation of contact with people whose beliefs may offend them) and show support publicly for the best presidential candidate we have ever seen, or are likely to see.

This is not to say that the local republicans have been hostile to us. Not at all! It seems that the people we talk to, everywhere, want to know more about Dr. Paul and are generally very interested in policies of - what Dr. Paul refers to as - conservative principles. Well, then, call me conservative!

Truly, he appeals to people everywhere. It seems the other candidates have made up their minds that war, war and more war is the winning idea. They are wrong, wrong and more wrong.

Please pardon my long run-on sentences. Of course, this is a result of my public school education, which lacks in other areas as well.

Smiling faces of people intent on freedom make good ambassadors of good will.

Rich Laplante

with supporters like you...

...it's no wonder the RPR is crushing everything in its path. I do feel the need to respond to one thing you said though.

Yes, we will have to be the media. Did you expect it to be any other way? This is the battle for the republic, and with it the empire, the regional super-corporate entity known as the NAU, the hemispheric super-oligarchy known as the FTAA (no, it didn't go away when we "beat" it, it just lowered its profile), and the global UN tyranny. It is the battle for control of the future, and who controls the future will control the present *in* the future, and who controls the present controls the past -- the past which the corrupt elite have worked so hard to create false visions of in the minds of the masses. The entire gigantic anti-democratic, anti-God, anti-human construct known not so affectionately (except by the bad guys) as the "New World Order" is on the chopping block *NOW*, and Ron Paul is the axeman. Their mind control mass media would never behave in any way other than to do all they possibly can to destroy this effort. Anyone expecting otherwise has not even begun to learn their history.

We are entering a wrestling match with a proverbial "brood of vipers". Expect bites.

Now, I'm aware there are decent individuals in the mass media. The bosses are another story though. Never forget which clubs these people are in.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

the media and the party apparatchik


We expect this from the media. We expect it from all those whose position, power and marbles are on the line.

We do want all the allies we can line up though, and it is up to us to put a cooperative effort together, including non-traditional allies.

Thanks for reminding us who we are fighting. An old friend taught me to rely on 'logic, reason and common sense' when fighting these established interests. This is irresistible to thinking people, because the facts are what they are (as Rand would say - the law of identity does not lie 'A is A').

The party loyalists are only missing out on this because they have become so defensive over the years that defensiveness has become a virtue to them.

That says something good and something bad about the situation and the people so trapped in their republican clothing. It says that they are honorable enough to stand strong for what they believe. (That's the good part of course) My hat is off to them on that count - they have stood strong through thick and thin. They deserve respect for that.

The bas thing is that they have become (imho) ensnared by the their own party leadership as George Bus and his allies have plundered and destroyed the very source of their strength - the integrity of a rational belief system and the informed ethics and politics that derive from that base.

It has been utterly destroyed. Only inertia and faith (hope without reason) keeps it alive in the hearts of those believers. In the meantime, the cynical destruction of a - dare I use this word - culture, is laid waste.

We will long remember George Bush. Infamy lasts a long time.

Rich Laplante

ABC Debate Blog Funny Business

I have been trying to post the following commentary on the comments section at ABCnewsdotgodotcom/politics. The opinion showed for a few moments then after reloading the page to read the latest posts I found my post had disappeared where the other posts around me remained. Maybe their server is getting crushed, which is reasonable to assume but when pages do load, and you go back in history to read previous posts - posts long and short and timestamps are in tact.

Here is what I wrote.

Mitt Romney-big government bobblehead. Rudy Guiliani-authoritarian liberal. John McCain-50 years in service...it's time to retire John. Mike Huckabee-a decent man, wrong on the tax issue and the war. Tom Tancredo-Who is Tom Tancredo? Sam Brownback-Flat tax? A Flat tax is still a tax on my fundamental right to labor, no thanks Sam. Tommy Thompson-nothing very striking here. Duncan Hunter-it's a war thing, Duncan if you're the soilder's friend, why has military sentiment among the troops caused them to send more of their dollars to Ron Paul's campaign than any other Republican or Democrat? Ron Paul- the rule of law, respect for the U.S. Constitution and the limits it imposes on government, respect for fundamental rights, preservation and protection of Liberty and Property, armed neutrality, non-interventionist foreign policy will allow American wealth to stay in America and with The People, a free market view on health services, no federal income tax because it is a tax on our fundamental right to labor and labor is our property which is not owned by any government, sound money and elimination of the inflation tax through a fiat-monetary scheme. RON PAUL is correct on every issue. He is the true conservative. He IS the hope for our children. VOTE RON PAUL for President.

Send this to Newt Gingrich

Send this to Newt Gingrich newt.org the fairtax goobers at fairtax.org and to your state GOP.. Mind If I use it to send to my Texas GOP?

Not all all. Be my guest

Not all all. Be my guest

Health Care

Unless I missed it, the only doctor didn't get to answer the the health care question.


Michael Nystrom's picture

Drudge Report Poll


Dr. Paul is currently winning, with 44% of the vote.


I voted but the total did not change.



I voted but the total did not change.



I just voted and the number jumped by dozens, it must be done in batches, either way, Paul is crushing them in the polls there. Go Team!

Drudge Report Poll

I voted on the Drudge Report Poll also and the total did not change. I even clicked refresh and it still didn't change. What's up?

Romney Wants More Troops

Hey! Did you guys notice that Romney said he wants to increase the number of troops? Well, how is he going to do that? I wonder if he has in mind the DRAFT? I'm glad that Dr. Paul is against the draft!




we need to put this sight on here

ron paul and "democracy"

Spread democracy in America? What is Congressman Paul thinking? We are not a democracy, we are a Republic!!! I know he knows better based off his past articles. I still think he is the most qualified, but I am disappointed that he takes that position.

He wasn't speaking to us.

I thought his comment that we need to first "Spread democracy here in America" was perfect. He was just illustrating the hypocricy of the preoccupation of "exporting our righteousness" (since, just like Sadam, we now have secret prisons, wire tapping/spying on citizens, no regard for Habeas corpus, etc.). Dr. Paul's point was that we need to set our own house in order first. We, his supporters, already know of his understanding that this is a republic, not a democracy. But he has to pick his battles; I'm glad he didn't try to simultaneously go into a treatise about our form of government. The general public's eyes would have just glazed over (those reared by the MSM and government curriculum). If a toddler doesn't know the difference between water and Clorox, you just take the glass of Clorox out of his hand. You'll have time later to teach him about Clorox.

I guess one could make a "quotations" gesture with one's fingers when saying the word "democracy." But I thought it was a very insightful response.

at least he didn't say

that democracy was not about elections, but was about the rule of law - I wonder where they would get the laws from ? like Giuliani and McCain.

Sometimes I wish he was less of a gentleman though, and hold the other to account for some of their statements. For example when Romney was interrupting him about Iraq - I guess he forgot 9/11 as if Iraq had anything to do with 911.

Mitt saved by George S.

I thought it was interesting that George S didn’t go back to Romney on his 9/11 outburst. Do you think maybe the neo-cons didn’t want to step on that landmine again as in the Rudy Giuliani debate fiasco?

Did I hear someone say “shut up Mitt, don’t give Paul another opening to make us look stupid”? OK, maybe it was just my imagination!

Of course Dr. Paul has my full support but I thought his last answer about “government transparency” was a little weak. I would have loved for him to say “I would do my best to reduce big government, reduce taxes, reduce run-away spending, and return to our true Republican conservative values of individual rights”, etc.

Or how about “I would uphold my presidential oath of office to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”? That would be a unique approach to the Presidency. Being one of the last to answer, I think he missed a real opportunity to “steal the show”. Even so, you have to give him credit for standing up for our country like no other candidate and, of course, I’m not the one in the spotlight, thank goodness!


thats for who will win !

that poll is for who WILL win this was put up before and during the debate. there is another one now that asks who WON the debate the link is on my last post

there were two polls

there were two polls one was who will win? and one said who won, the first one is gone and ron paul kicked ass the second one ron paul is winning but there arent that many votes some kind of trick i guess but vote now here http://abcnews.go.com/?lid=ABCCOMMenu&lpos=ABCNews

Hi, what time is the debate

Hi, what time is the debate please?

Debate time.

The debate starts at 9:00 am central time.
10:00 am eastern time
8:00 am mountain time
7:00 am western time
And does anybody relize how important this debate is compared to the others. With the other debates there was a big precentage of senior citizens who did not get to see them because they were on cable tv, alot of seniors do not have cable. If you think about it there is alot of old school conservatives who don't have cable in Iowa (alot of these people are Barry Goldwater conservatives)
Give Me Freedom

Give Me Freedom

If Tyranny And Oppression Come To This Land, It Will Be In The
Guise Of Fighting A Foreign Enemy. James Madison

If We Have Racism We Will Not Have Freedom.
If We Have No Racism We Can Have Freedom

Yea but...

From all the polls I've seen so far, the Ron Paul army is once again offering its resolute support. He's winning by a landslide on these polls. I have to wonder, if Paul does well, ....how much emphasis (or neglect) will the mainstream give this debate.

Please DIGG this link!!

And vote for the ABC debate question that it links to! It would be awesome if the top rated/viewed user-submitted ABC debate question was a jab to Giuliani from an active duty US soldier! Send the link to everyone you know and tell them to Digg it up!



Here's how it's gonna go down on Sunday.


GEORGE STEFANOPOLIS: Rudy, Mit, John, and Fred, watching at home, I want to THANK you four gentlemen for joining us today, allowing Americans everywhere to decide for themselves which one of you FOUR should go on to lose to my former boss, Bill Clinton as his wife gives him a ticket back into the White House in the General Election in November 2008.

GS: First Question...Mayor Giuliani, you were there, at Ground Zero...America knows your name, Mayor. You are..."America's Mayor!" At the very least, you are "Mayoral," if not necessarily "Presidential." But, America wants to know if you're "Presidential," Mayor...as WELL as..."Mayoral..." Mayor...so I have to ask you the FOLLOWING question... ... ... ...Mayor Giuliani..."America's Mayor..."... ... ... ...Mayor Giuliani... ... ... ... ...If Building 7 of the World Trade Center Fell IN A FOREST... and no one was there to hear it...or to see that no plane had flown into it...or that it had no logical reason for dropping like George Bush's Approval Rating... ... ...would RON PAUL and his increasingly ubiquitous suppporters still be the annoying gadflies that they are today, or would they be even worse? I ask you, Mayor Giuliani.

MAYOR GIULIANI, "AMERICA'S MAYOR": George... ... ...I was there on 9/11... ... ...9/11 is a friend of mine... ... ...And, Stefanopolis, RON PAUL is no 9/11.

GS: Well, that about wraps it up here from the remote state of Iowa. I'm George Stefanopolis, not to be confused with the loquacious and contagiously Constitutionalagious DR. RON PAUL.

GO, RON, GO!!!!

ABC news Debate prediction poll

Hello everyone. I just checked the latest "who do you think will win the debate" poll at abcnews.com, and again Ron Paul is by far the leader. How can everyone claim like Fox news in their debate, that this is a result of radical "Spammers"? My main question is if Rudy McRomney is/are actually leading in the "real" polls don't you think we would see the same numbers online to support them? Regardless what happens, I think we all know who the clear and true winner is. I wanted to post some comments on the abc news website debate message board, but abc/disney wants you to sign your life away just to register so you are able to post comments. Most of the messages on their website are pro- Dr. Paul.
Have a great weekend everyone

The spamming argument doesn't hold water

...because the other candidates' supporters can do the same thing.


I searched abcnews.com and could not find the poll you mention? Can you provide a link? Did they take it down? I watched the "Political Preview: Republican Debate" clip and they mentioned and showed pictures/clips of all of the candidates, even Gilmore who has dropped out, except for Dr. Paul. Should we boycott ABC after the debate? :-)


top off this page has both poll links


hope Dr Paul has some comments ready for old CFR Stephanopoulos. Is Stephanopoulos involved, or is it just during his time slot? If he's questioning the candidates then rest assured they will be trying to neutralize Paul again. Keep fighting! Go Ron Paul!

Beware George "That's-not-gonna-happen" Stephanopolous

The guy is an obsequious lapdog of the elite (as well as a member of the CFR and Bilderburg Group) so I won't be a bit surprised if they: a) seat Ron Paul far from the center, b) call on Romney, Giuliani and McCain often, c) continue the "dismissive" rhetoric towards Dr. Paul.

What, me cynical? Maybe! I worked in broadcast TV for far too long and I know how producers are held accountable by higher-ups. There will be a post-production meeting after the broadcast and if George (and whoever the producer is) do not give Giuliani and Romney (and perhaps McCain) Favored Status, there will be hell to pay. There is always an agenda in these shows, and it is not to inform: it is to skew viewers' opinions.

You can bet they won't take calls from viewers; this is going to be one very tight show.

Sunday Debate

Dr. Paul 2008 We are getting together here on Oahu to watch it as one big fan club. We have been working sooo hard at all our events for RON PAUL, we decided to have a party and enjoy his great answers. Everyone in bringing snacks (we call them pupus here in Hawaii) and whatever they want to drink. It is going to be a hoot. We have room for more patriots. Come on over and join the fun. Aloha

Dr. Paul 2008

Where did you hear that?

Of course he is. http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ look at the middle left.