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Can Liberty Survive-Only Ron Paul Knows History

Good article just out from Sovereign Society:


Excerpt: A Bunch of Lost Sheep

"Meanwhile, the Republicans wander around like so many lost sheep, each claiming to be the Reagan-like shepherd the distressed flock needs for salvation (at least all except my good friend, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, with whom I had the honor to serve in the House of Representatives. Indeed, Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side who seems to know history, understand the U.S. Constitution and who is willing to apply both with sound logic)."

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Starting a Brush Fire for Freedom

This Ron Paul interview (1994) has probably been posted in the past, but is worth a re-read as the Brush Fire continues to spread:


I found it after reading the excellent new article by Whitehead on Lew Rockwell
titled: "The Instruments of Tyranny."


While there are many Washington-type "Think Tanks" that will probably never invite Ron Paul to express his freedom thoughts, there are others like John Whitehead's, (constitutional attorney) Rutherford Institute that have been dedicated to fanning the flames on the freedom brush fire for a very long time. They must all see Ron Paul as their leader, given the number of excellent articles they have written about him.


Not survive

It is not a matter of liberty surviving, as we are well into something that the average Soviet citizen in the last century would consider repressive.

The question is whether it can be restored or resurrected.

You cannot be half-free, but many want liberty - except for their favorite subsidy.