Ron Paul's Very Own Can Now Be Embedded!

Feel Free to grab the code to embed this player on your profile here

After a couple of weeks of beta-testing, is proud to unveil the brand new embeddable FreeMe.TV video player, complete with a variety of brand new features that are easy to use and visually appealing. Now, all of the video content (over 250 videos) from the popular and highly regarded full-screen FreeMe.TV is available in this three inch-wide embeddable version, ready waiting to be incorporated onto homepages, blogs, emails, and personal profiles across the web. With the new embeddable player, it has never been easier to share the message of Ron Paul. For those folks that are not familiar with the Congressman whose running for president, FreeMe.TV offers a detailed look at Dr. Paul's unwavering record as well as a platform that calls for a constitutional government which stands proud and apart from any other candidate running, his fellow Republicans or even those Democratic frontrunners. What's more, FreeMe.TV in all its forms is just as entertaining as it is informative, with short clips that will make you laugh, and make you believe in the human potential again.

The new player will serve as an easy way for supporters to share campaign updates with their colleagues, as new, relevant videos are placed on FreeMe.TV. Updated multiple times a on a daily basis the embeddable version will stay current as new content is created. Nothing has been lost in FreeMe.TV's transitions from a full screen entertaining and informative format to its tiny, embeddable offspring: once the program starts, you can sit back in your chair and enjoy the show, but there are additional features that are noteworthy. Moving your mouse near the top of the screen will unveil a new scrubber that will allow navigation within individual videos. Clicking on the pi symbol will unveil a box of code that can be copied and pasted, making embedding the player a cinch even for those who don't know too much about computers. In addition, videos will continue to play in a thumbnail format while viewing the brand-new visually interesting menu features. The content menu can be viewed by moving your mouse towards the bottom of the application. There has never been a better way to show others who the best candidate for president is the menus are easy to use and visually interesting. is a landmark site that serves as an alternative for the mainstream media's not-so-subtle programming of the masses to support those "frontrunner" candidates. Dr. Paul's campaign begins here, on the internet, the true grassroots of the brand new millennia, and it is here he is already making waves. He is currently googled and youtubed more consistently than almost any subject on the internet, political or otherwise, and, through it all his message of smaller, more Constitutional government has aroused the interest of the young and old. By spreading the word about FreeMe.TV add the new, embeddable version of the player, you will be playing an important part of keeping this modern-day grassroots campaign going strong.

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I've been keeping up with for a while now and I really think they are doing a great thing. Some of the "subersive" vids are kinda out there but are still quite entertaining. When I introduce someone to Ron Paul it's I usually point them towards.