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"America The Poisoned" - H1N1 truth in spades (link added now - duh!)

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY - images of full nudity and the ravages of violence are included in a visual montage that is intended to have a stunning impact. If you prefer not to watch, I still recommend putting it on in the background and listening.

I will NOT be sending this to my religious friends, but there are a handful of people that this is perfect for, perhaps you know a few like that too.


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I found it on you tube ...i dont know how to do links...sorry

jimboz fight

That was....

umm... can we say.......REAL

Excellent video!

My hair is standing on end. Very disturbing, but very well done.
Thanks, and what a great find!


Got ahead of myself it seems...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.