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Never underestimate the soul of an old Patriot

You may have seen me complain about the SWEET little old guy who impersonates a Founding Father and everyone LOVES, including me. But I have been just sick over the fact that he is a shoe-in for the CC2009, and he keeps sending me emails indicating he is caught in the GOP / Dem paradigm. (Basically, along the lines that McCain is a great guy and we would all be safe from the terrorist behind every bush if we had elected him.)

Well, devious woman that I am, I had him come speak at Butler Day (my answer to the "Lincoln Day" dinner.) I got this email yesterday:
(Our County Chair)..."sent me a copy of "War Is A Racket", which I have photocopied and plan to send to all my relatives and thinking friends with a copy of "Corruption of Empire", which details all the corruption and waste of Billions of $ in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will send you a copy. You have been instrumental in converting me to rabidly anti-war. Thank you. "

I don't know about dogs, but it seems it is never to late to teach a good man about TRUTH.

CC2009 is probably "meaningless" but it is the RIGHT thing to do. The election is October 10. Participate - you have nothing better to do... ;)

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Old dogs can still learn new tricks.

just make sure to give him a treat.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

What a wonderfully inspiring victory!

Thank you for sharing this paul4won....it truly is inspiring....keep up the Great Work our sister in liberty!

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

Yeah, it was TWICE this week!

There was another warrior for liberty that accused me of being a good patriot... ;)
What will become of my reputation?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Great uplifting post

Thank you so much for posting this - I hope many will follow your example and War Is A Racket and Corruption of Empire are terrific tools to convert people.
Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple. Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers.
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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thanks! I always enjoy reading your threads, paul4won

I'll be monitoring our local CC2009 vote at the local library.



I wish CC09 were a little "smother" presentation, but it IS what we have...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I love to see him impersonate the Founding Father! : )

2 years ago I thought anyone that was anti-war "did not support the troops" and "it's better to fight them over there than to fight them here"!
I really am ashamed that I couldn't see through the brainwashing of the MSM, after all, I have been a member of JBS for years, and knew first hand the tactics used to sway opinion!
Today I am sickened to see young families torn apart by the constant strife in the Middle East! Many young children are being raised by single parents, or sometimes even by grandparents when Mommy and Daddy are BOTH sent to Iraq/Afghanistan!
So this old dog (female dog?) has learned new tricks---and I am doing my best to educate others, as well.
It seems slow-----one person at a time-----but if each person replicates the process, we are winning!

Coming from him...

this meant a LOT to me. You know!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Never underestimate

"The power of a woman" :-)
gd job!!!!

Jolly good show, sir! A tip of the hat to you!

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Converting someone with a 'sphere of influence' is a victory worth celebrating. Cheers! Feels good doesn't it?

well done

and proves that none of this is meaningless, perhaps just not obvious at the moment.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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