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Louisville Courier-Journal: Senate candidate Rand Paul raises $1 million

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul raised more than $1million in the year's third quarter, becoming the second candidate in the race to break the million-dollar mark during a three-month fundraising period.

David Adams, Paul's campaign manager, said Paul's campaign topped the $1million mark by the end of Wednesday, the final day of the third quarter. When he files his report, Adams said, Paul will show that he has raised about $1.1million since he began raising money in June.

The fact that Paul was able to raise that much money in a short time — outdone so far only by the $1.3million that state Attorney General Jack Conway, a Democrat, raised in his first quarter of fundraising — should demonstrate he's a viable candidate, Adams said.

“We needed to build credibility every way, shape and form we could,” he said.

Candidates aren't required to disclose their fundraising totals until the middle of October. But Paul, who keeps a running total of his fundraising on his Web site, announced his fundraising early.
Secretary of State Trey Grayson, a Republican who started the race as the prohibitive favorite, raised nearly $602,000 during his first quarter of fundraising, while he was still exploring a Senate race. He and Paul both entered the race after Republican Sen. Jim Bunning announced July 27 that he would not seek another term.


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Money BumP: For Rand.

Hope for Kentucky and the Republic.

$1.1+ Million!

great uplifting post Rhino!

Now that is Rhino's work I want to see more on DP... - Olimpic prediction post made us smile too (^_^)

God Bless you on this beautiful Sunday*))
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Nice to see some refreshing news. :)



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