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Mom left to wonder when she'll see 4 kids

Then her 4-day-old son was abducted by an attacker who posed as an immigration worker, then stabbed her. The newborn was found safe, but after a brief reunion state officials took the baby away from Gurrolla again, along with her other three children.

Now Gurrolla is left to wonder when she might see any of them again. A judge will review the case this week to determine when Yair Anthony Carillo and his siblings — ages 3, 9, 11 — can come home.

State officials say the children were taken into custody Saturday for safety reasons but have not offered details. A spokesman said a hearing must occur within three days of when the children were taken into state custody.


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once again .....whats the rest of the story??

jimboz fight

yeah wow...imma withhold judgement just yet on this one

They may have uncovered signs of abuse in the home during the investigation / search. If the source of danger was outside the home, I d think they'd put the whole family in a witness protection-like program instead of breaking them up. If the lady is not suspect, then its really sad that it is now up to her to make a case to get her own kids back. I guess we'll know more in the coming days.

I wonder what's going on

I wonder what's going on there.

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I read this in

my local newspaper today; I feel so badly for Ms. Gurrolla...
I'm interested in knowing what the "official" reason was for taking the children away from their mother...I highly doubt it's anything I'd find acceptable...

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